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Yesterday I got a call from DDA asking about the PIL
mentioned in Mr Karandikar’s objection.

Here is the text of the letter I've sent to Secy MoUD.

If anyone can, please forward this mail to others who
objected, also for text if not already posted at

----letter to Secretary MoUD
Dear Sir,
On 12.05.03 MoUD&PA (Delhi Division) published Public
Notice No. K-13011/7/2001-DD-IB dated 06.05.03 under
signature of Under Secretary for proposal for land use
change “from residential to extensive industrial with
leave to set up a ‘H’ category Unit, i.e. Abattoir
House at Idgah area”.

On 20.05.03 I wrote to point out that the proposal
conflicted not only with Master Plan goals for Walled
City and Industries, but also with directions /
proceedings in Supreme Court matters and that the
Notice had problems in respect of jurisdiction (since
rules require it to be under signature of Secretary,
DDA), information (as it did not state where plan
indicating the proposal was available for inspection)
and duration (short of imminent Master Plan 2021
Notice). I also asked about F-category industry
proposed and, in case proposed Abattoir was the
existing Abattoir, of animal slaughter PIL about it.

I received no clarification / information and on
03.06.03 filed a detailed objection.

On 26.06.03, with reference to news reports of MCD’s
plans for modernisation of Idgah Abattoir and for
inviting international bids in Wall Street Journal for
the same, I wrote to ask you to kindly restrain MCD
from Master Plan violation and subversion of Public
Notice process. I have not been able to ascertain
status of MCD plans, but, as per a ToI report (‘Jains
write to Dikshit for minority status’, 15.09.03), now
‘Delhi’s Jain Community’ has proposed and CM has
approved Abattoir modernization.

In this letter I also drew attention to news reports
about proposals by MCD for conservation plan, area MP
for Board and CM for ‘White Paper’ – all in disregard
of statutory Plan provisions for Walled City and
Public Notice process underway. On this, too, not only
have announcements continued, according to an Express
Newsline (‘Heritage buildings: SC slams Centre, Delhi
govt’, 07.10.03) Supreme Court directions for framing
regulations have also been obtained, in an NGO PIL.

On issue of industrial land use not only has no
clarification (sought through letters filed as
Annexures in my objection) been forthcoming about
legal basis of proposals/schemes skirting
accountability about 2000 hectares of industrial space
set aside in the Plan, these proposals feature in
MoUD’s ‘guidelines’ of 27.07.03 (at 7(b) and (c)) and
on 02.08.03 DDA issued advertisement to solicit offers
from banks "to handle the scheme of Conversion” of
industrial plots from lease hold to free hold, even as
MoUD has yet to reply not only to my letters about
industrial use and of 20.05.03 about ‘freehold policy’
requiring s.11A process, but also in WP 6980/2002 in
which freehold tenure is challenged and in which High
Court directed on 22.08.03 you file not only reply but
also explanation for delay, which MoUD has not filed
despite requests with reference to subsequent

In the context of the foregoing I am writing now to
express what I must really call disgust about a phone
call I received today afternoon from one Ms Parathe in
DDA, since DDA is ‘processing’ responses to Idgah
Public Notice, but not with reference to my objection
but someone else’s, to ask me for clarification about
PIL about Idgah Abattoir.

As stated, in my letter of 20.05.03 I had sought
information about the same. I believe the onus of this
clarification to both Ms Parathe and myself is on MoUD
since MoUD issued this Public Notice in departure from
rules. I also believe it is MoUD’s responsibility to
ensure both accountability vis-à-vis Delhi Master Plan
and that Public Notice process is not reduced to a
farce. In view of all of the above, I request now
detailed response to questions raised in my objection,
along with clarification with full transparency of
intent, basis, procedures and status of this Public

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner

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