Hi. Went!  Hee-Hee! Felt like your
reresentative! Reached a bit late and heard old Dhunu R waxing eloquent about
jhuggi removals--- " and 12sq m. of land! What about place for livelihood? Life
means nothing without livelihod! Not fair-not fair !..."

A surd asked how much was this as against their
jhuggi spaces. That much. But there they build upwards. Here they can't. So not
fair-not fair. Someone mumbled something in the front row--metres? yards? 
"Sq METRES" said Dhunu knowledgeably.

Up went antena.'Yds-ft,yds-ft, WHAT had Geeta
said? Pachchis Gaz."  Hand up.

"But their entitlement, & correct me if I am
wrong, is 25sq yds. So why r they being given only 12? Is the rest being
safeguarded for politicians interest via land mafia?" SILENCE. LONG
ALL HEADS TURN [I'm in last row]. Oh God I hope I'm right I
hope I'm right!

But what do I hear!

"That was so. But it has since been amanded. To

See? SEE? Ure NOT Geeta. hmmm.Humble pie

Talk, talk, talk......Me the dismissed [fooled] was
somehow still waiting. Old Dhunu had not quite convinced me. Talk, talk, talk. 5

Hand Up.

Could u please quote for our enlightenment,
the date and source of this amandment? Silence (short one)

" By a directive of the LT Governor."
[Yes-I-know-I'm-no-Geeta, but what the hell] "Ah but excuse me, the Lt Gov is
not empowered to carry out such amendments or issue any such directives. And as
such I'm q sure this has not been notified, AND WAS THERE THE MANDATORY
PUBLIC NOTICE PRIOR to such an amendment/directive? (Shake of head-shake of
head). Which then renders it quite undemocratic and not by due process of law,
and hence illegal." 

Doon wallahs et al shrugged the rain off
their shoulders and spoke up like dry cats (as against wet cats) Jai Sen?
Vivan himself, and others.


I felt once again like the untimely, mislaid (and
hard boiled) egg that had dropped into the wrong basket and should not have been
there to turn the tables on the poor touts.

The cats, by now not only dry but also warm, talked
about Dharavi, Singapore, Malaysia, and New York..... Dhunu Roy who had earlier
called himself a slippery customer was openly happy to slip quietly

Many Doon wallas came to me to excahnge cards. Poor
things, They have no idea that I am merely a self appointed citizen activist
with neither projects nor funds behind me. Only my self. DDA - DDA  they
all said and the evening ended with the democratic certainty of everybody
telling everybody else, about their own reservations about the system.
And so the boiled egg came home to its own bread and butter!

 What saddens me at the end of it all,
is how gullible people are taken for a ride by others who are merely only shades
better informed, but are the ones who make a livelihood of it with funds, trips
abroad and bunches of lies, while both us and the jhuggi wallahs continue to
wallow in our respective miseries! Not fair-not fair!!!! ------ Aruna.



Hi Geeta,
Just check this one out! Dhunu
All I can say is, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
------ Aruna.

Original Message -----
From: "Vivan Sundaram" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>;
Monday, March 15, 2004 1:37 PM
Subject: Exhibition and Talk 17

> Dear Friend,
> I hope you will be
able to attend some of the talks
> mentioned below and visit the
exhibition if you have
> not done so.
> Best wishes
Vivan Sundaram
> Vivan Sundaram
> New New Delhi:Room with
Bed, 2003-04
> Programme of talks in Shridharani Gallery,
> Kala Sangam, 205 Tansen Marg, New Delhi
> Dunu
Roy : The aesthetic of the informal
> Wednesday 17 March, 6pm
> The
aesthetic of the informal"
> 'The reflection emerges from an
> characterisation of the poor as "criminal" or "dirty"
or "immoral" - which stands in stark contrast to the
> fact that the rich
entrust their precious possessions
> (children, pets, homes, etc.) to
their care. There is
> also a paradox between viewing the
> poor
man's shelter from the outside (as slum) and from
> the inside (as home).
So  "Room with Bed" can also be
> seen as "Bed as Room".'

> Dunu Roy
> Political ecologist
> Bharati
Chaturvedi:  'They are shabby in appearance'
> Friday 19 March,
> Shantanu Lodh & Manmeet : Inside Out"- unedited
version by artmaharaj and Mrs Olympia
> Monday 22 March, 6pm

> K.T.Ravindran : The Room Outside
> Tuesday 23 March, 6 pm

> Ram Rahman : Necropolis/Kabristan.Living Amongst the
> Friday 26 March, 6pm
> For any enquires contact
Vivan Sundaram at 9810277897

> 2003-04
> Romi Khosala 
> Ram Rahman 
Raqs Media Collective 
> Shantanu Lodh & Manmeet 
Bharati Chaturvedi
> Triveni Kala Sangam, 205 Tensen Marg, New
> open daily from 11am to 7pm till 29 March
> The
participants will speak about their work and the
> city.
Additional lectures by urban activists in the gallery.
Information about the project and the talks at
> www.sanjitdas.com/vivan
> will
be posted by 16 March 2004
> Vivan Sundaram's installation, 
'New New Delhi: Room
> with Bed', is a basic architectural unit of
habitation. It 'houses' five Delhi residents, engaged
> with art and with
urban issues. The differences and
> overlaps in their spaces, the new
framing devices for
> their activities, suggest  'portraits',
> re-presentations of persons/art forms.
> The room of
architect ROMI KHOSLA is  a pavilion on
> wheels. It invites the
viewer to look up at the
> suspended bed holding the architect's plans for
> cities, new cities and for environmental 'utopias'
> within a
globalized world.
> The room of the  RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE
( Shuddhabrata
> Sen Gupta, Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula )  is a
> container (with the work-bench as bed).  Its
>  is  a metaphor for their movement across the globe
> new-media artists; it contains  references  to
> videos which are about satellite communication, about
> new
'middle-class workers' selling their
> English-speaking skills around the
> Residence in two cities across continents is what
> new global artist will increasingly adopt.
> Photographer RAM
RAHMAN from Delhi and New York is
> among them. The selection of his
photographs focus on
> Delhi artists and intellectuals in their
> setting. These are  interspersed with portraits of
> men friends from the working class.
> The
floor/pavement is reserved for the sleeping space
> of the marginally
positioned  artist-couple, SHANTANU
> LODH and MANMEET, who use
photographs that  foreground
> their bodies in front of Lodh's father
in  their small
>  middle-class home.
> The
pavement extends to the space for BHARATI
> CHATURVEDI environmentalist,
who organizes rag-pickers
> and engages with the problems of plastic
waste. A
> hospital-like bed fitted with the soles of footwear
occupies her room without walls. Hung alongside is an
> inflatable
mattress stamped with an  image of
> Chaturvedi with her young

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