HT and Express Newsline have today reports about the
tendering scam in Mega Housing Projects contracted to
L&T, AlCon, Unitech, etc.

Both say preliminary/interim Vigilance report
implicates senior DDA officials. Neither mentions that
the inquiry was initiated after Mr Mahabal Mishra, one
of our two MLAs on DD Authority, pressed on behalf of
builders who used to previously benefit from DDA
tenders and scams therein.

A couple of weeks before Congressman Mishra got DDA VC
(supposedly BJP man) to initiate inquiry, High Court
had judged Sultangarhi Mega Project ‘wholly illegal’
and ‘fit case’ for DDA Chairman (LG) to inquire how it
came to start – in green belt, near protected
monument, in area notified by CGWA.

Questions about the priceless scam on public land,
water and heritage were raised in 1700 responses to
Public Notice precipitated by the court case.
Vigilance inquiry was sought about continuing
construction. After Mr Mishra managed a tender
inquiry, the substantive inquiry required by the court
was requested, also to GoNCTD (not because of Mr
Mishra’s clout in DDA but because DDA was claiming DJB
assurance of water) and authorities whose mandates are
infringed by it.

In June, without making public the outcome of court
ordered inquiry or Public Notice process and while the
vigilance inquiry whose interim report has now been
reported was pending and Standing Parliamentary
Committee had issued a press notice inviting public
views on functioning of DDA, the Authority on which
all tiers of our government are represented, cleared
the Sultangarhi Mega Project.

Before that Delhi Urban Heritage Foundation had issued
a press release about the project and heritage wall
already built despite the court judgement, before that
Tourism and Culture Minister had announced plans of
studios for artistes in it, before that LG had said no
inquiry was needed…

The 300-crore tendering scam is peanuts in this case
of full-blown bhagidari.

(This is just for the record, as our Congress might
just be thinking of trumping our BJP’s
CAG-interim-report card with DDA-interim-report card
as rape and dengue politics run out of steam).


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