NCW has met Police Commissioner about rape. Police is
relieved Swiss diplomat has finally e-mailed about
sketches they sent her. Already Police had
interrogated 6000 in the matter, including many young
men, especially Bengali-speaking, in Shahpur Jat –
urban village near scene of crime.

To everyone's bewilderment, most of the 1500 plus
reported cases of Dengue are not slum but middle
class. CM has blamed MCD. MCD Commissioner has sought
Police protection about threat-to-life from one JE
suspended for conniving with builder mafia.

The custody death and public-police confrontation in
Madipur, old slum resettlement, seems to have started
on grounds of gambling. It is not known if this was
routine extortion or some Diwali gambling special
drive needing target tally, for which places like
Madipur, like Shahpur Jat, do very nicely.

On 25.07.03 at IHC, our Chief Minister had exhorted
public to keep whistles and to beat up cops who harass
(just after our Police Joint Commissioner Amod Kanth,
better known as NGO, translated good governance as
'that what you are giving us, Madam').

Police is to protect the public and policemen who are
brutal (or JEs who are corrupt or young men who rape)
are – must be – aberrations, to be diagnosed and
treated with systemic intervention, right? What when
senior cops, bureaucrats, politicians and NGOs keep
busy with private ad-hoc bhagidari, setting peculiar
ad-hoc priorities for us and for our Police?

CM told you, stupid. Go buy whistle!

HT report says Madipur is JJ Colony 'like any other in
the city. Gambling and bootlegging is rampant. Nearly
every third house in the locality sells liqour
illegally'. Now this would make (counting both JJ and
resettlement) about 2.0 lakh bootlegger families and,
with licensed vends, boozing vital to city economy.
Cheers! Go be drunken whistleblower!


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