CVC has \x91inaugurated\x92 DDA\x92s website [1] (already
around since 2001) -- while CAG has rapped DDA about a
2.44 crore on-line information system not working [2].
What CVC inaugurated was just a new-look with some new
pages, including one [3] saying DDA \x93is envisaging\x94
now Master Plan provisions that it should have
implemented since 1990 to solve all of Delhi\x92s hawking
problem -- while MCD and Manushi signed an MoU to make
Manushi\x92s Plan violating interventions \x93model markets\x94

MCD-Manushi have been carrying out \x91studies\x92 over past
few months -- while MoUD has spent.4.2 lakhs on a
lately completed SPA \x91study\x92 with ToR, like DDA\x92s
website, pretended Plan provisions are only now being
invented. Before these studies, hawkers in Vasant Kunj
commissioned a study for implementation of existing
Plan provisions. In May 2001 action on this was
assured, but in June began a bizarre policy discourse
(with simultaneous Manushi-PMO and SEWA-MoUD policies)
insistent upon non-existence of Plan provisions and
studies to invent them.

CVC is seized (including through screening in 2001
before the whole Commission of a film about the
surreal encounter between Vasant Kunj\x92s hawkers\x92
initiative and \x91policy discourse\x92) of this matter
involving a scam of 10000 crores, partly by way of
extortion and mainly by way of profitable misuse of
planned hawking sites spared by roadside \x91model
markets\x92 and pretence of non-existence. Subsequently,
this matter became part of a joint PIL by hawkers,
flat residents, etc, and was placed before Standing
Parliamentary Committee, heads of the three
institutions (HUDCO, HSMI and SPA) associated with the
SPA-study were removed, DDA scam was exposed, etc.

Now, in Vigilance Awareness Week, CVC has inaugurated
DDA\x92s website and MCD has signed an MoU with Manushi,
whose hawker initiative got its comeuppance after CVC
wrote on its behalf in 2001 to PMO.

Each time it seems to have got as twisted as it could
possibly get, this tale takes another twist.

part account of the bizarre policy discourse is at




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