The Yamuna Pushta scheme is devoid of basis in law and
wasteful public investments being made in it merit
attention, irrespective of positions on pushta
demolitions that it involves. This scheme is set out
in a brochure that formed much of the case of the
Union of India that was allowed by Delhi High Court on
11.02.04. A note, including the text of the brochure,
is posted at:

(My position on pushta resettlement is that it is
needed most of all by pushta residents on account of
recurrent fires and flooding and should happen in
accordance with their entitlements under law, on the
riverbed is that the city can't afford any further
delay on the legal requirement of a holistic plan for
it, and on connection between the state of the river
and the slums along it is that both demonstrate
effects of prevalent urban dynamics and causal
relations between them are insignificant or

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner / 15.02.04

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