[diary piece of 01.04.04, posted in the context of the
following fwdd message about an NGO meeting tomorrow]

About a hundred, mostly those who have been seeking
the Truth-about-Pushta, came to discuss it at IIC
yesterday evening. Over half were those (from Rangpuri
Pahari / Vasant Kunj / MPISG, Giri Nagar / Okhla
(P-WHY), MAMU and Baliga Trust, Poonam and I) who have
been visiting Holambi, sitting on the debris of
Gautampuri-2, standing around at successive
demolitions, etc. Over half of the rest were planning
students from SPA who have shown rare initiative in
the last week (after the reportage about Kanchanpuri)
to synergise with Pushta citizens in support of what
is really their professional position. Over half of
the rest were old friends of the position in support
of lawful development according to the Master Plan and
knew already from mail-list posts, etc, much of what
was discussed.

There were only two persons from Pushta. The despair
with which all had been unwilling to come for the
meeting at SPA on Saturday had been even more palpable
on Tuesday, when I spent the whole day persuading
those in Kanchanpuri, Indira Colony and Power House to
come out and talk. (Gautampuri-2 people were gone,
with JCB levelling the site since 29.03.04, students
were talking to people in Gautampuri-1 / Koyla Plot
SPA, those in Holambi I thought would find it
problematic to attend a late meeting). They had, I
thought, been persuaded and we had agreed to meet
yesterday morning at the Power House, where no one
showed up. One person from Gautampuri-1 accompanied
SPA students and one from Moolchand Basti (where
survey is on-going) accompanied Baliga Trust. I wish
more had come. An inspector of Special Branch CID came
and at least the matter of police harassment of those
still in Pushta might be solved. SPA students had
invited, besides Delhi Police, MCD, DDA, GNCT, MoUD
and EC. None of the others came.

The indifference to painstakingly collected facts
about glaring violations and to engagements based on
these facts, not to mention indifference to a
principled position as opposed to ad-hoc discourse,
was most depressingly on display at IIC. A hundred
people engaging seriously and consistently on Pushta
showed up to tell and nearly no one showed up to hear.
Expectedly and understandably, hardly anyone showed up
at the Indira Colony demolition today and it will take
a while again to break the
what-is-the-point-when-no-one-cares mood.

The reference in Pushta todayby someone to Sajha Manch
anti-Plan propaganda raises another worry. There were
I think those of the anti-Plan / anti-law /
anti-courts / anti-experts NGO lot at IIC – typically
obfuscating with details of refutable incidents the
irrefutable larger scam and I hope we have not
inspired position-less obfuscating discourse about
Pushta in addition to ourselves losing focus to
despair. IIC was, I think, a mistake.


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