Indira Colony was demolished yesterday. ToI has a 62
words report that says, "The MCD demolished 1,300
settlements from Indira Colony in Yamuna Pushta on
Thursday after two days of voluntary eviction. The
land has been vacated and handed over to the Land and
Development Office. Of the total families, only 506
were eligible for relocation. They have been shifted
to Bawana. "We have finished the demolition work at
Indira Colony," an MCD official said."

I have not come across any other media report yet. ToI
has got voluntary eviction right, but seems not to
have noticed that is an oxymoron. There is more to
what happened in Indira Colony. See

Day before yesterday about a hundred people showed up
at IIC to tell about this and more about Pushta, with
facts and photos and accounts of engagements from
every stage of this drive. Hardly any one showed up to
listen. See

The truth about Pushta and the indifference to it are,
whichever way one looks at them, well matched.

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