An e-mail appeal by an NGO / Manch on behalf of slum
residents to all to appeal to authorities to 'Stop
Evictions at Yamuna Pushta' has some facts and
demands. Like what is going on in Pushta, these
demonstrate scant respect for lawful solutions and
entitlements and institutions of democracy. They are
at variance from those raised by slum / Pushta
citizens I know. Please do see a clarification at:

Connected, besides by common position vis-à-vis law
and institutions, by funding source, etc, to this NGO
/ Manch is another NGO whose premises in Vijayghat
Pushta are being used as headquarters for the
dispossession operation to render people there
homeless, while its broader concern for the homeless
continues to make news. see

[I will be posting further Pushta posts on a different
list, with occasional posts / summaries on the
public-archive mpisgmedia list].



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