What Delhi Government's emergency cabinet meeting on
11.09.04 about industries has reportedly decided
should make all sit up and fret about the cabinet now.

Delhi Government is to approach Supreme Court to seek
18 months for units yet to shift to relocation plots
(less than 20000 developed, 8000 allotted), 3-4 months
for "scientific survey" for regularization (to benefit
15000), expanding list of household industries (to
benefit 6000, already ordered, with Public Notice
issued on 21.06.04). It is unsure if its plea will be
accepted, though the order all but says it won't: "On
10th December, 1999, the State Government came up with
an application ...inter alia, seeking modification of
the order dated 8th September, 1999 and for extension
of time upto March 2004... stated that out of 52,000
applications received under the relocation scheme in
December, 1996, approximately 23,000 have been found
to be eligible.  ...industrial units functioning in
residential areas where concentration of industry is
70%, should be continued to operate ... about 15,000
industrial units would fall in this category and
another approximately 6,000 industrial units may fall
in the category of household industries ...the
immediate question would be as to what steps were
taken by it in respect of remaining ... industrial
units, which number over 50,000. The Government has no
answer, let alone a satisfactory answer even despite
lapse of nearly five years."

The cabinet decision, at best, has nothing to do with
solutions and, at worst, seems attempt to dilute a
judgment that upholds DMP, contempt of which CM has
repeatedly demonstrated, her oath twice taken
notwithstanding. She is now lamenting being caught in
some "cusp" between DMP2001 and DMP2021, even as law
is clear about there being no "cusp". She continues to
invoke so-called DMP2021 about which the order says
that under the garb of issuing guidelines for it
action against violators of law has come to a
standstill. Her plea to the Centre to finalise DMP2021
is really a plea to subvert statutory solutions to
make way for her ideas, whose need-for-land
necessitates her constant refrain about
shortage-of-land for citizens. For slums, schools,
bovines, greens, industries… she is constantly seeking
but never finding solutions. Indeed, for citizens
there is only bonhomie of bhagidari. (There is also
report on views of DSIDC Chairman – warning plot
cancellations, praising CM relocation leadership,
urging CM to extend metro to Bawana, etc, and assuring
government is "committed to a harmonious relationship
between the employee and the employer" and suggesting
for this they "join hands to celebrate common

CM, still insisting her government is "committed to
protecting the industries", has clarified it is
committed to their closure. The drive to disconnect
water and power continues (even as direction #5 leaves
scope for it to be postponed), as does "slandering" of
industries. Even as the order is NOT for polluting
units, news reports carry images with chimney smoke
and CM has stated, "we will see to it that they do not
pollute". Even as industries are protesting
government’s incompetence, media is suggesting they
are protesting the court order. Much is suddenly also
being made of sale of some relocation plots and CM has
said allotments will be cancelled. (By identical
tactics to project aberrations as norm, in November
2002 court orders were procured for canceling
allotments in slum resettlement. Since then
allotment-cancellation-re-allotment is being used to
"stretch" 50000 illegal sub-standard resettlement
plots to become substitute for statutory DMP solution
of 3000 Ha for 4 lakh. Government seems poised to
similarly substitute statutory DMP solution of
2000-3000 Ha of well dispersed space for 1 lakh units
with about 20000 plots in its illegal sub-standard
relocation schemes).

Delhi Government should not be approaching the court
for modification of a DMP based order – since it has
forgotten to represent itself on the authority of DDA
for nearly a year. In particular, it should not be
approaching the court about household industries
(subject of s.11A Public Notice process underway) or
"scientific survey" (in view of statutory survey
requirements of ongoing DMP revision) and even with
its ideas for regularization and relocation (since it
has not clarified how these are legal).

Industries, I believe, would do well to distance
themselves from Ma Dikshit's demands on behalf of
industries but headed to benefit those who benefit
from their closure and from the land spared by it.
They would do well to insist on a clear solution (for
all and not just a few industries) that is equal to or
better than that offered to them by DMP (DMP2001,
which is law and the basis of the court's order,
unlike so-called DMP2021 that is a bunch of ideas of
dubious origin unlikely to survive any lawful Public
Notice process) and also to object, if not to stout
denial of statutory solutions by alternative-pushers,
at least to the slander that they are freely dishing

And all can fret about a cabinet that takes such
inertial photo-copy decisions – in emergency meetings,
without protest.

Gita Dewan Verma | Planner | 12.09.04

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