early this year

Almost 75 percent of
residents of Yamuna Pushta were rendered homeless under heavy police
security by the MCD.


(Enaction and the Profession: Yamuna Pushta: riverbed



And Now at the end
of this year

the MCD builds
shelter for the Homeless at Pushta



New Delhi, December
Municipal Corporation of Delhi in collaboration with an NGO today opened
their first women’s night shelter at Shankar Gali, near Bazaar Sita Ram,
in the Walled City. A general night shelter at Yamuna Pushta was also
opened. .........


Pushta Home shelters 225 on Day

TNN Dec 15 2004


Shreya Ray


..... MCD's 24 hour night shelter at yamuna pushta
has ensured that many of the city's homeless finally have an address.The ashrya
graha, set up in the compund of what used to be a municipal school saw as many
as 225 homeless people at the night of inaugration itself.


Although the shelter has section for women as well,
it is still lying empty. ....

tie up with ISKON for food....


Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan, the NGO that is running
the shelter......