dear kamala
this is pawan jain from dehradun. I could help you with this manual provided you narrow down the scope. what is`prepare teacher use materials' Is it educational aids for teaching a particular subject,
pawan jain

On Sat, 08 Jan 2005 kamala menon wrote :
>Dear gita
>There is an effort to prepare teacher use materials for the delhi government
>schools. The text books are in place and now the manual needs to be made.
>Iwas interested in putting in some actitivities that childeren of age 10- 14
>could do in the local areas of delhi - Yamuna , ridge, cantonement, Walled
>city, using maps, street plans, surrounding houses, and urban activities.
>With your experience could you guide me on on how I can get some maps or
>thanks as always
>kamala menon
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