i purchased today (21/03/05) the Draft Master Plan for
Delhi 2021!!!
published by Narendar Kumar Jain for J.M.Jaina & Bros;
available at Ekta Book Company in High Court. It has
asterix mark note at bottom of contents page saying
'As per information released by Delhi Development
Authority' and is straight from the website. i spent
250/- to add to my collection of the never-befores in
the history of planning in India that this DMP
revision continues to throw up!

--- sarbajit roy wrote (earlier today, 21/03/05):

Dear Gita,

As a concerned public citizen I toodled down to
Sadan INA and barged into the pr. Comm cum Secys
office and generally hassled everyone in sight.

It seems that shortly a printed book "may" be
available from D-6 Vasant Kunj. Will visit them
tommorrow at D-6.


--- Gita Dewan Verma wrote (on 19/03/05):

draft Delhi Master Plan 2021 that has been on DDA
website since early this week, accessible from
Hot-Links at http://www.ddadelhi.com/home.htm#

----News reports of yesterday’s press-release:

No prints of MPD-2021, DDA says go online  


DDA seeks feedback over draft Master Plan


----letter sent to DDA Commissioner (Planning):

Sub: DMP-2021 Public Notice: Request for

Ref: DDA press release, reported in newspapers


Dear Mr Jain,

News reports today, with quotes from a DDA press
release and a spokesperson, suggest that the
"public notice" that has been up on DDA website


few days is the one on which "views and


may be sent in 90-days, etc.

I had the impression that what has been on DDA's
website for a few days was the draft circulated to
confidante experts and sections of the press


approval on 10.01.2005 – since the index page,


it does say "public notice" does not mention


of gazette notification or even date, Land Use


and other maps are missing, several pages carry


header "for restricted circulation", etc, besides
which other s.11A Public Notices for DMP-2001
modification (such as for hospitals and for
recreational clubs published today) continue to be
issued and there are also pending Public Notices,
court matters, etc.

If the document is indeed out for the 90-day


Notice, I will be very obliged if you would let me
know where I can peruse / purchase the English and
Hindi versions.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner


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