--- leon morenas <[email protected]> wrote:

How come the Master Plan document is already
published? ...


:) oye dont scold me!! i am only diehard fan of DMP
and of DDA as its statutory custodian. the star-cast
for DMP-2021 is viewable from the List-of-members link
on the public-notice on dda website. they have phones
and emls and perhaps the eml button on the website
public-notice can also be used to send them queries.
sarabjit also mentioned in his mail yesterday two
numbers (Assistant Commissioner Planning: 26124875;
Director Planning: 26125474, both in DMP2021 office in
Vasant Kunj).

anyone wanting to post for information of others the
information they seek and find are welcome to mail to
this list (ie [email protected]). i am
surprised to see on the List-of-members some names and
information of any disclaimers is also welcome.

Gita, MPISG Planner