DMP2021 Public Notice was published on 08/04/05 (I saw
it in ToI and on DDA website).

Apropos The Hindu report of 10/04/05, at
for the record: the Plan is not vision-document;
public notice invites objections/suggestions, not
views; it is  issued not under s.11 but under either
s.11A or s.10 and for this draft DMP2021 could only
have been issued u/s.10.

I would be glad to be corrected if I have got any of
these basics wrong and am copying this mail to Pr
Commissioner cum Secretary, under whose signature
Public Notice is issued and who is quoted in The Hindu
report. The following is the text of the letter I
wrote on 08/04/05 to make some suggestions re process.


Mr Vishwa Mohan Bansal
Principal Commissioner cum Secretary
Delhi Development Authority
B-Block, Vikas Sadan, INA, N Delhi – 110023

Sub: DMP2021: suggestions re Public Notice process

Dear Mr Bansal,

Please allow me to suggest the following (for removing
infirmities, to prevent undue delay in finalisation of
DMP-2021, as well as with a view to obviate undue
interferences/obfuscations in course of the 90-days
Public Notice u/s.10 published today for DMP2021).

1. To resolve conflicts between due process under
s.11A and under s.10

(a) A public notice to clarify status of 30-days
Public Notices published u/s.11A on or after
09-10/03/2005 since the specific modifications
proposed in some of them are also part of the proposed
extensive modifications for the 90-days Public Notice

(b) Publication, including on DDA website, of status
of other s.11A Public Notices still under process, as
modifications proposed in some of them are again
proposed and it is unclear if the
objections/suggestions previously filed have been

(c) Publication, including on DDA website, of details
of modifications that have been notified since last
publication of the Master Plan document enumerating
them (the document published in 1996 lists
notifications up to 22.09.1995)  

2. To resolve conflicts between statutory and judicial

(a) Publication, including on DDA website, of list of
proposals pertaining to issues/instances that are
sub-judice, preferably with some information about the
court matters

(b) In case of PIL among these, making pleadings
accessible to anyone, especially planners and lawyers,
wanting to make suggestions in their context (which is
consistent with the solution-seeking non-adversarial
nature of PIL and will obviate possibility of
infringement by PIL process of the statutory Public
Notice process)

(c) Similar approach to DMP issues being agitated by
other constitutional processes

3. To resolve issues arising from publicizing the
Public Notice before publishing it    

(a) Publication on the website of differences, if any,
between content of Gazette notification and content
published in March on the website, which many might
have printed and which was published by JM Jaina &
Bros as a document that many might have purchased
following DDA's press release announcing the web
content as Public Notice

(b) Modification of "Email for your suggestion" option
on DDA website, as Public Notice invites
"objections/suggestions" and does not specify that
responses can be filed via eml

4. To ensure equality / inclusivity in public

(a) Equal option for all to obtain clarifications
before filing responses, possibly by publishing
contact details of volunteers from each expert group /
general consultants for DMP2021 and by posting on the
website, in FAQ style, queries received and answered.

(b) Publication, including on DDA website of details
of DMP2021-related presentations by DDA officials and
expert group members / general consultants in the
course of the 90-days and appropriate steps to ensure
these are cumulatively all-inclusive

(c) Publication of details of officials / experts who
will consider the objections / suggestions and bar on
them attending, till Public Notice disposal, seminars,
etc, on DMP2021 issues

Yours sincerely
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

Mr AK Jain, Commissioner (Planning)
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