DDA officials suspended over Mega Project scam

New Delhi, May 5: FOUR officials involved in
DDA’s Mega Projects were suspended yesterday.
The Authority has handed over the case to the
Anti-Corruption Branch of the Delhi government... The
scam came to light in November 2002 when, DDA
contractors allege, the Mega-housing projects were
illegally given to some builders... The issue of
forged bank documents was revealed when the civic body
was reviving its turn key housing project in
Sultangarhi where it is constructing 3,000 MIG and HIG
flats... ...

The scam was caught not in November 2002 but in
September 2002 - by High Court judgment of 16/09/02
that ordered stoppage and inquiry by LG so that
identical illegalities are not perpetuated by the
authorities. Express Newsline report of 27/09/02:

In January 2004 LG said no inquiry was needed and this
had been conveyed to court (letters curious to know
how returned no response). Express Newsline report of

Identical illegalities boldly continued and an MPISG
writ against the whole lot in Mehrauli Mahipalpur area
was filed in December 2003 (when auction notices for
VK malls became proverbial last straw). In January
2004 some fellas up there
revived-the-turn-key-project-in-Sgarhi with MoUD
notification of land use change for it in disregard of
over 1700 objections in response to the Public Notice
of 15/09/02 and without bothering about the inquiry.

Work on the revived-turn-key started soon after High
Court issued notice on 22/09/02 and had reached five
floors before the first counter-affidavit was filed,
on eve of next hearing, on 22/02/05 when CM
inaugurated the identically illegal mandi in mehrauli
ridge, also challenged in same matter, reported by
Express Newsline on 23/02/05:

On 23/02/05 and again on 27/04/05 further
counter-affidavit answering the petition was ordered
from DDA. MoUD had not cared to file counter even in
the case of 2002 and claimed clearance by its NCRPB
and its DUAC. MCD (busy milking farmhouse misuse, an
issue in the petition) has filed its usual number
claiming no role, which we could try use to spoil the
daily-dos of our councillor and our RWAs bonding in
bonhomie of bhagidaari. GNCTD, which seems to have
delusions of being post-office, has forwarded three
requests for replies to court to MCD and DDA to reply
to representationist directly. Even MoCA and CGWA have
not replied. DMRC, of course, is above such trivia (it
has also not replied in the IT Park matter -
incidentally, in the ridge matter the refrain has been
that under the garb of public interest we are
agitating private interest and in the IT Park it was
to the effect that under the garb of private interest
I am agitating public interest – proof, we
proudly presume, of exacting standards of our DMRC).

The mega-housing scam, by no means of a paltry 300
crores, is past catching. We have some pictures over
time, besides plenty of complaints duly lodged, of
ruthless clearance of vegetation, removal of earth,
progress of boring, etc. About 40 borewells have been
sunk for revived-turn-key by AlCon that is there for
all to see from Mehrauli-Mahipalpur road near the CNG
station, behind which, in readiness to turn any time
since 2002 and making money for each day of waiting,
is the stuck original-turn-key by L&T and south of it
the other stuck one by EPCL. UNITECH is on the other
side of Sultangarhi Tomb, from top of which can be
viewed the full-monty, including farmhouses
practically hugging the Tomb and unauthorised
colonisation emboldened by the bold scamming that only
more scamming seems capable of catching.

cheers then to scamsters. may their tribe quickly grow
to optimal self-slaying size and perish.

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