In case anyone else was wondering what happened to the
anti-Plan munch in Delhi, here:
[nice to see they are using phrases like
citizens-groups and engaging via Public Notice. hope
they also find themselves someone qualified to read
DMP-2001 and DMP-2021 and spot the big differences,
many of which they have been advocating/endorsing]

pioneer series of 8 by 3 is also done. all at:

then there are expert-groups that came out of DUAC and
ITPI meetings last month, including people named as
authors in DMP-2021, also alt-Plan making.

and standing committee hearing on 30/05 also had
similar experts with well known anti-Plan/DDA alt
visions about which they might opine via public notice


so much ctrld-alt[Plan]-delete[DMP/DDA] around humble
Public Notice (that none with clout touched from
S'garhi on ridge to ITPark on river) is flummoxing.


further-flummoxing is latest reply-affidavit sworn by
DDA VC that goes step beyond usual stout insistence of
authorities-NOT-violating and
petitioners-NOT-in-public-interest to say mpisg
petition, as matter of fact, hinders the interest of
public at large.

we are delighted our court cases against DMP
violations are factually hindering! obviously,
deponent (like his predecessor who once swore we are
not covered by his authority's public-interest
mandate) has not noticed we a-r-e public-at-large,
with private interest in public interest (as astutely
sighted by senior senor who said IT Park case, not
filed in public-interest about which we have become
frightfully foncused, attempts to agitate that under
garb of pvt interest).

fully flummoxing public-private business now makes us
!maybe DMP2021 public notice is in-bhagidaari!

not being bhagidaars saying aye or not saying nay to
WB-GNCTD-MoEF DUEIPP ideas (become 1999 DMP2021 recos
become 2003 DMP2021 guidelines become 2005
draft-DMP2021 and including also management ideas like
local-area-plans, etc, that MCD byelaw-reform is
hawking as fresh-thunk-originals) nor wanting to
become intermediaries as per those ideas, whatever
public as-matter-of-fact-hindering-interest-etc says
via public notice is certain to be rejected in
award-winning bhagidaari (witness fate of our engaging
on 2 doz public-notices from s'garhi to ITpark and

btw, Pioneer reported on 04/06 "Bhagidari has won the
United Nations (UN) Public Service Award 2005 for
improving transparency, accountability and
responsiveness in public service". hallelujah.

like PM lately said, think out-of-the-box.
inviting, then, o-o-t-b thunks.


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