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A MPD2021 draft objections / suggestions blog is
(Gawd not another one... )




in reply to:
DMP2021 pubblic notice and bhagidaari


i want to clarify i have no gawd-not-another-one issue
with sarabjit's blog because sarabjit has not been
party to the making of dmp2021 / unmaking of dmp2001.

maybe blog rules should have something against
DDA-bashing and for reference to DMP2001.

a distinction must be made between DDA the
organisation and DDA the Authority. the latter has all
tiers of government and others and appoints committees
etc, all under DD Act, and if these act de-hors of the
Act, there is no point blaming the former.

Public Notice process is better viewed as safeguard to
mind against downsizing of Plan entitlements /
solutions rather than as alternative-Plan pushing
opportunity. DMP-2021 is not new Plan but Plan
revision, ie, rather than commenting on it in a
vacuum, it is more meaningful to comment on comparison
between DMP-2001 and DMP-2021. (Never mind larger
promises of world-classiness and this or that; each
little provision of DMP2001 is entitlement and it is
the job of planners to cook up larger wholes without
downsizing the parts).

And please note: logical culmination of DDA-bashing /
DMP-2001 ignoring trends is blind-men-around-elephant
local-area-plan style urbanism in care of MCD / GNCTD
multiplicity and its growing bhagidaars. hallelujah.



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