MCD-sewa inspired letter about hawker policy mess

| further kacha-pucca thunks

| in MCD-manushi pilot-project matter in court
| petitioners said stalls are fixed and, so, pucca  
| manushi said they're fixed only by wee things
| and temporary, as they're rehdis -- w/o wheels.
| CM's fortress look-alike kisaan haat nr mehrauli
| is also temporary, by insistence on affidavit.

| to help MP help NGO help hawker, kucha,
| we need, pucca, reform of outdated MPLADS
| (guidelines insist on spending on durables
| and interfere with essential kucha claims)

| on arrival-at-last hawker policy looks comic!



--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

| this is hilarious!!

Soon, a market for women over Aruna Asaf Ali car

Esha Roy

New Delhi, June 9: The Municipal Corporation of
has decided to set up a market exclusively for women
as well as a Muslim baraat ghar on top of the
underground Aruna Asaf Ali car park.

| then women-n-minorities will be made to say

The women’s market idea was recommended by Sewa
Bharat, mainly for traders from Rajasthan and
who deal in embroidery, crafts and other such wares.

The market will hold approximately 3,000 women
traders. ‘‘We went ahead with the project because we
thought that the proposal was unique. Sewa Bharat
us that the women who trade in embroidery, crafts
other such wares wanted a market of their own as
were uncomfortable with those manned by men. So they
wanted to manage it themselves,’’ said MCD
Commissioner Rakesh Mehta.

| and why was Sewa Bharat recommending?
| and what said mcd zonal-vending-committee?
| what options were offered to hawker-women (of cp)?
| which all hawkers were offered option of this
| did kabaadi bazaar just licensed by mcd on pushta
| opt for that contempt of court over this

Mehta said the Aruna Asaf Ali car park terrace will
divided into two sections —— one will house the
Women’s Market, the other a Muslim baraat ghar. The
park also houses the MCD’s lone underground office.

| ah! now we know what kinda company lone-mcd likes!

Mehtas says the Baraat Ghar for Muslims is coming up
after the local MP, Kapil Sibal, received a request
that this be done.

| see see. master of plan for NGOgraphy?!

‘‘While Old Delhi has a considerable Muslim
population, as well as a large number of Hindus and
Jains. The baraat ghars in the Old Delhi area
apparently don’t allow non-vegetarian food. So this
will be an exclusively non-vegetarian hall,’’ said

| mehta caught food-fetish from Sibal?

Mehta said the Chandni Chowk MP has already
Rs 90 lakh for the Aruna Asaf Ali Car Park project
from his MPLADS funds. ‘‘The plans for the project
ready and tenders for its construction will be
shortly,” he said.

| so: MPLADS + MCD-LAPS > illegit NGO-hawker mkts!
| and, oye [gender pl fetch purse-n-sandals]:
| ambika soni gave manushi 35 lakhs for 150 mainly

| sibal gave 90 lakhs for 3000 women + non-veg hall

However, Mehta said, the market can’t be a pucca
construction as it is coming up over the car park.
officials added that a pucca construction here would
also violate the Delhi Masterplan.

| can someone explain to mcd slow & simpil
| mcd byelaws decide type of building
| master plan decides use (ie, even kaccha violates)

Therefore, says the designer for the project, Uday
Bhat, the market stalls as well as the baraat ghar
will be made with tensile cloth membranes ‘‘on the
lines of the Dubai airport’’.
 ‘‘The structures have been designed so that they
receive light from outside while remaining airy at
same time. This does not mean that they are
makeshift structures but have architectural
significance,’’ Bhat said.

| wow! better than professori kt & ansari for
| uh-oh! not temporary? will significantly violate.

He added that prefabricated material will be used.
‘‘The entire market will be landscaped and we will
create polycarbonate skylights for light to enter
car park,’’ says Bhat

| that, and non-veggie hall, kacha or pucca?






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