In rare-clarity snapshot of the deep-n-decentralised
democracy that we have been driven to root for in
bonhomie-of-bhagiddari, the dharna that Sewa Nagar RWA
that has moved court against the Manushi-MCD
bhagidaari model-market on its road was staging all
this while in protest got evicted day-before


Manushi-MCD seem to be making the most of court
vacation, regardless also of MCD public notice of
22/05 about making vending committees as per National
Policy. (Incidentally, MCD letters etc of 2004 about
this market-venture mention vending committee as if in
place, even as RWA, councillor, etc, required on it as
per policy, are in protest).

Market-making has been continuing, with Manushi-MCD
feeling free to read in the fact that the court did
not grant stay permission to go ahead rather than feel
compelled to read in the fact of the petition and
intervention reason to stop and wait adjudication (and
several authorities duty-bound-and-empowered to
interfere feeling free to use the *sub-judice* garb to
cover their reluctance to do so).

Draft DMP2021, put to Public Notice on 08/04, vaguely
allows hawker-markets such as being *piloted* by
MCD-Manushi / MCD-Sewa while clearly abandoning DMP
provisions for hawkers in markets to spare that space
for malls etc (and, thereby, also abandoning the
local-facility basis of hierarchical commercial use
planning, to drive local-need shops, and ultimately
all kinds of business, to *mixed land use* situations,
provisions for which have been liberalised and about
which MCD Commissioner has lately advised
abstinence, obviously forgetting that Delhi
Development Act obliges MCD, not DDA, to initiate
penal action against misuse in areas in its

Meanwhile, in its communication of 19/04 to GoI, NAC
has recommended also MPLADS-reform to empower ULBs.
(In the instant matter this translates to, say, Mr
Rakesh Mehta, rather than Ms Soni or Mr Sibal, getting
empowered to empower NGOs like Manushi or Sewa to do
us favour of developing markets for vendors of their
choice on our roads and parks with our money, to spare
space meant for hawkers in our markets for malls and
more of which of which we have no use, etc).

From hawker-policy making, through weird

pilot-projects in its name to NAC and Informal Sector
Commission (all in course of DMP revision *guided* by
all this) the score for the concert starring
word-class hawker-markets and world-class malls and
exciting mixed-land-use has been written, on
hawker-pitch, by the same Civil-Society prima donnas.

Shall we call them now the mall-molls hawking-hawkers?


And, after eviction of RWA dharna against
first-landing of these shenanigans (un-protested by
either right-to-protest defenders or
bhagidaari-with-RWAs subscribers, amidst
Public-Notice-objections advocacy by the very
Civil-Society enterprises that dunnit, and after
declaration by notifications (to favour admittedly
illegal IT Park on riverbed and admittedly unviable
industrial redevelopment) contempt of objections as
well as suggestions by others), who still wants to
protest DMP2021 content?


Like Americans say, wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee!
(Then say AUGH and go back to sleep, else think
out-of-the-box. I have I think, besides insomnia, good
o-o-t-b thunk: suggestions for text to add, eg
descriptions/ontology of those listed as authors, for
historical accuracy about DMP2021 making / DMP2001
unmaking in bonhomie-of-bhagidaari that calls itself
deep-n-decentralised democracy. Howzzat?)