From MPISG have been filed a few dozen responses, as

(a) convener overviews on various chapters wrt court
matters and known facts about the experts named in the
respective sub-groups,
(b) individual suggestions on specific proposals (or
lack thereof, as in the one on behalf of buffaloes and
the one for agriculture for eco-tourism), wrt prior
Public Notice responses, etc
(c) suggestions re proposals for participatory
processes in the future, wrt experience of 5-yr long
efforts for the same in continuing present, tense.

MPISG has become Hindi-speaking platform, only 2-3
responses were in English, including my best-of-luck
note cum plannerly homily for The Board (at the end).

From the accounts I have of DDA reception counter the

response is sizeable. The humble public notice process
seems to have caught the fancy even of the
seminar-n-loksunwayi crowd. Express Newsline has a
cute report that calls objections/suggestions
complaints and is about an anti-DMP2021 press
conference cum book-release by the same munch/NGO
whose anti-DMP2001 book was released in 2003 by Azmi
and Roy. Besides the munch/NGO director, lately
appointed by government to a Supreme Court empowered
committee, the report names three eminences, one of
whom is wife of the munch/NGO director and other 2 are
listed as authors in DMP2021 (one of these is of SPA
where the effort of some faculty to put together an
SPA response failed, and is described as department
head which I think is inaccurate since last week -
there has been a head-rotation). all very cute ;)

---my response---

Sub: Draft Delhi Master Plan 2021: Best wishes /
suggestions for the Board

Dear Sir,

As you might be aware, I have closely followed this
Plan revision since it started. Being a qualified and
experienced planner and researcher, I had anticipated
much of what is proposed and my objections/suggestions
are already recorded through due processes that will
take their course. Apropos Public Notice responses, my
most comprehensive one (on the so-called MPD2021
'guidelines') has been rejected (p 258 says the 2000
suggestions received have been 'duly considered' and I
find none of mine reflected anywhere); my best
reasoned objection (in response to IT Park Public
Notice) and most carefully considered suggestion (in
response to Public Notice for redevelopment of
industrial clusters) were rejected by notifications in
the duration of this Public Notice; and my request for
view on another carefully considered suggestion (made
within ambit of s.11A for Safdarjang area / Games
Village / Metro Property Development) has also
returned no response. Under the circumstances, I am
not filing my suggestions on draft MPD-2021. Should
DDA have any use of my kind of plannerly lawyerly
assistance in fixing glaring inconsistencies and
techno-legal infirmities to make the document somewhat
defensible, please do ask.

I am writing to wish the Board that will now consider
the responses the very best with the next stage of
this historic plan-revision. I would like to offer a
small list of things that I have found useful in
keeping plannerly balance while considering
conflicting views, viz, readings from the Constitution
of India and reflection on how development law and
punitive law articulate imperatives differently,
readings from MPD-1962 and MPD-2001 and reflection on
continuity and change, readings from Delhi Development
Act and reflection on its unexplored opportunities,
viewing the film Matrix and reflection on the gap
between sophistication of a choice-less system and
extant reality.  

I also suggest consideration of the question of former
Justice Shamit Mukherji, who has taken the brunt of
the DDA scam with obvious damage to the image of the
judiciary. In terms of DDA's mandate all he did was
look away from an MPD violation; the violation stands
and several MPD2021 proposals do far worse. The
proposed IT Park on the riverbed might be a good place
to start reflecting on this question. Notification of
this proposal was produced in court on 23 May and it
was mentioned before Lok Sabha Standing Committee on
30 May, when also the Sahara matter was mentioned
about which DDA was asked to submit a report. Also,
final hearings of the Arjun Camp cases (filed prior to
the DDA scam and challenging violations including
Sahara) have finally begun on 05 July (incidentally
the date on which bulldozers rolled into Rangpuri
Pahari to start the Sultangarhi scam in 2000).

Best regards

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner


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