I have an eml (at end) about police-permitted NGO
dharna re Book Bazaar.

Of course, we disapprove of MCD bullying the
book-bazaar and approve of protesting the bullying (we
have protested in writing to MCD and Police, also re
kabaadi-bazaar and ladies-haat, etc, wrt to our
response to Public Notice of 22/04 re vending
committees as per national policy, and have been
called in response and have learned that bullying is
suspended, eg, did not occur yesterday).

We also disapprove of NGO dharnas against government,
now that government has reformed (does nothing without
NGOs) and expect NGOs to get their way by staging IHC
consultations or in bhagidaari meeting or through
ladies-NGOs partnering with MCD and advising National
Commission on Informal Sector, etc. About the dharna
today, the eml is from Chintan, (ladies?) NGO that
does things re waste. We are unable to fathom the
logic of waste-walas protesting bullying of
book-bazaar not kabaadi-bazaar and have concerns about
them ever since Almitra Patel caused a reckless
Supreme Court remark that housing-rights-walas keep
raking up, besides which Chintan is into bhagidaari
and has tie-up with charitable trust that Bharti
Telecom set up out of corporate-social-responsibility
though BT boss later told Chandan Mitra that "to be in
public life one doesn't have to be in politics. I am
working on the Bharti Foundation, I am seriously
thinking of setting up something on the lines of the
Ford Foundation. We don't have a world class
think-tank in India. I want to do something to fill
this gap". If this is bit of the filler that will make
think-tank, we additionally disapprove.

We are writing to Police Commissioner to request that
police, instead of permitting arbitrary NGO-dharnas
against arbitrary MCD decision (or arbitrary NDMC
decisions elsewhere), directly prohibit all arbitrary
decisions in violation of national policy (which Delhi
Police co-authored through Jt Commr Amod Kanth and
which requires vending committee to decide vending
sites and police to be on vending committee).


-----eml from chintan----


From: [email protected]

<[email protected]>

Subject: Postponement of Dharna
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 17:01:20 +0530

Dear Freinds,

The Dharna against MCD's decision to close down the

Sunday Book Bazar which

was supposed to be held on 7th July 2005 is now

postponed to 11th July

2005. The reason for the postponment is the red

alert declared by the Delhi

Police in Delhi due to the sudden tension in


The Delhi Police has denied to give permission to

do the Dharna on the

scheduled date.

Now we have got the permission to hold the Dharna

on the 11th July 2005

from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Venue: MCD Office Town Hall
Near Chandni Chowk
New Delhi

Hope to see you all participate in this initiative.

Chintan Team



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