Hey hey hold on,

If mpd is only concerned with "space" for industry,
then why is chapter 7 of mpd2021 draft going into such
minute details of which industries are permitted in

Bungee Jumping is NOT an industry. How aabout Appu
Ghar type amusement rides. Generator backup facility
is required in case somebody gets stuck on 200 meter
high Ferris Wheel, or there might be total chaos if
blackout occurs.  How can DMRC allow such polluting
activities in eco-fragile sensitive Green / Riverine

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--- sarbajit roy <[email protected]> wrote:

detected in tender documents for shastri park
amusement park:-
"1.4 DMRC acknowledges that the Pre qualified
tenderer/Investors must have a complete
of design, installations, commissioning,


standards applicable in the relevant industries in
India prior to submitting a proposal."


Can any plannerly expert give me the corresponding
links for amusement park industry in mpd2001 or
mpd2021 (draft).


master plan is concerned only with space
norms for industry are set by industry and based on
those plans make space assignments. *amusement park
industry* we  assume is part of
industry, for which guidelines are in the making
aegis of MoEF and investors inclined to bid for the
dmrc tender have sought clarifications on this

qn came up after a prospective bidder called dmrc to
ask if bungee-jumping was allowed and when told yeah
got flummoxed by prospect of erecting temporary yet
safe tower and was looking for designers; those
(designers) would need specs / latest guidelines and
might become dispensable if say elevated metro
corridor over yamuna matches those (specs); t-h-a-t
might have dmp implication since dmp2021
only composite (read commercial) property
along metro corridor and that in use zones other

(i rather like the thought of bungee-jumping from
elevated-metro-corridor; could become part of
inaugurations, fuss-making and other metro-related
events; we could save on signature-bridge, etc)


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