As usual the hon'ble high court of delhi has been led
up the garden path by all these NGO types.

1) Stray cattle on the road is a cognisable offence
under Delhi Police ACT. With all these dairy mafias
whom plannerly type are so keen to suck(le) up to, you
can't expect the poor MCD to rid street of cattle in
face of law and order problem. Somehat like why
Shielaji will regularise all these polluting
industries functioning from residential areas because
of fears of another "Gurgaon situation".

2) These are all failures of Police to Act, eg. last
week I opined on section 431 Indian Penal Code, and
why persons blocking public roads(like hawkers) should
be prosecuted under these sections. Obviously some
like minded person has taken up the matter seriously.
Today's Hindustan Times (pg 4 Metro) has big story
called "Dump it, face Court" where 431 IPC  comes into
play, Ld. Magistrate has found no force in MCD receipt
allowing dumping of mulba by builder in CR Park and
allowed prosecution u/s 431, causing said builder to
moan and whinge that he was being prosecuted unfairly
u/s 431 (5 years in the clink) when he was prepared to
pay the fine of Rs.100 under DP ACT. Quite right, if
only DP used their powers (vast/draconian) Delhi would
be a much safer place to live in - for cows at least -
if not for women!

Now with that sexist remark, I shall sign off for the



--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

That is the title of the Pioneer report about the
latest court order in the Common-Cause PIL against
stray cattle. Seems to be for
in banishing bovines, with incentive-recovery
auctioning stray cows - to whom and for what, I

By orders in this PIL, in May 2004 our MCD
Commissioner, already milking
began auctioning city buffaloes in neighbouring
and donating city cows to a trust in Mt Abu
purportedly to solve stray-cattle-menace.  A month
into this peculiar drive, I had posted a chronicle,
also to point out DMP sane solution to both menaces,
viz, relocating bovines to farms.

On 04/08/04, in court waiting for a matter-to-reach,
was stunned to hear that over 18 thousand of 23
thousand cattle deported in 18 months in
had died. There was no reference to the
or buffalo-auctions and I had found that strange.
Stray-cow auctions sound even stranger.

The orders are available at
The petition number is WP (C) 3791 of 2000. Amidst
every-other-day news to fret about possibilities of
offending sensibilities, I hope someone who
understands these things will take a look,
at the orders of 04/08/04 and 08/09/04.

On the plannerly case, I have no doubts. The
farmhouse-misuse-milking policy was quashed last
in other PIL and in our case against unplanned and
illegal schemes in farmhouse-zone also pleadings
closed on 03/08/05. The Common-Cause property is
certainly misuse case. The following is translation
the draft of the response to DMP2021 Public Notice
response from Masudpur Dairy that friends in
showed me. There was some anxiety about filing, but
was told that even if the Dairy people decide not
people from the village would include in their

The 1962 Master Plan provided for uses like dairies
Rural Area and urban villages. It did not allow city
expansion south of JNU for water constraint.
Government made a dairy near Masudpur here.

Then Vasant Kunj came up in Rural Area and in it a
plot for other-community-facility was allotted to
Common-Cause of HD Shourie, who has lately passed
away, which has built there a multi-storied building
in which it occupies a small portion and rest is
rented out. The plot for other-community-facility
Masudpur Dairy has been allotted to a college and
Vasant Kunj flat residents want a club on another
other-community-facility plot.

Now Common-Cause is not a local community facility,
but is occupying a plot (close to where Vasant Kunj
Malls are being made) that college or club could
occupy, while those are running in J-Zone Rural Area
where dairies could be.

Some examples are: clubs / wedding-places in name of
farmhouses (from which MCD is milking
illegal Delhi government specialty hospital (under
construction with illegal boring) and amidst them a
builder college by name of TVB (whose director AGK
Menon is chairman of Plan 2021 sub-group for
conservation and urban renewal).

That such uses are wholly illegal in Rural Area has
been clearly settled by the Court in the order of
for stopping and inquiry of Sultangarhi scheme. That
case, or current case against Malls and other J-Zone
schemes in violation of Master Plan, was not filed
Common-Cause, but by local citizens. The
contemporary of such cases is its case against
stray-cattle in name of which MCD is closing dairies
and auctioning buffaloes and Delhi Government is
making some little space for them in Ghogha in
while the likes of AGK Menon have pushed into Plan
2021 proposals for Sultangarhi scheme and nearest
urban extension in ground-water critical J-Zone and,
in return, MLAs have recommended regularisaion of
colleges running in Rural Area. Such bhagidaari of
sophisticates would not be moved even if buffaloes
were to play bin before it [idiom, in reverse].

Masudpur Dairy, of course, is authorised. Like Plan
2001, draft Plan 2021 landuse plan also shows it
amidst the yellow of Vasant Kunj in white, like a
barfi. But barfi cut in [babugiri] can do nothing
about bitterness spread against dairies. When
Dairy was made, the area was Rural Area. Afterwards
Vasant Kunj came up and to date does not have proper
sewerage outfall. Even before the Common-Cause PIL,
RWAs have been fuss-making about sewerage from the
Dairy and more fuss-making about some in it leaving
and renting their plots. All seem to have forgotten
that the Dairy was here first and legally and Vasant
Kunj came up later and illegally. A civilized
might have been to shift the Dairy to south of
Kunj, but those who have occupied that farmland or
likes of Common-Cause that have occupied plots that
those could have occupied obviously found it easy to
malign buffaloes to be able to maintain their status

This year, with earth removed from Vasant Kunj Malls
site being dumped into the natural drain that flows
towards RK Puram, rainwater back-flowed and filled
the Dairy. If we were to think what is the point
telling, all will say good-the-buffaloes-drowned,
would you know that if it rains harder JNU might get
flooded? The letter sent by Masudpur village social
worker about the water-logging is enclosed.

Now Plan 2021 proposes for appurtenant Rural Area
urban extension and for urban villages
The only reference to Dairies that we have been able
to locate in it is by way of service shop, only in
urban villages.

We would like to suggest that urban agriculture
inclusive of dairying is a sensible land use and
provision should be made for it. But, after what
Shouri saab has done before going, anything said in
favour of buffaloes might seem like [idiom,
kaala-akshar-bhains-baraabar]. As such, it is also
suggested that, at the least, against the names of
the authors of Plan 2021, their Plan violations also
be published.




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