"> huh? which plannerly type is suckling up to which

dairy mafias?"

A person is known  by the company (s)he keeps ... old
jungle saying!! :-)

"The following is translation of the draft of the
response to DMP2021 Public Notice response from
Masudpur Dairy that friends in Masudpur showed me.
There was some anxiety about filing, but I was told
that even if the Dairy people decide not to, people
from the village would include in their response(s)."

BTW: HT carried another big story today about 431 IPC.
This IPC section seems to be spreading like wildfire.
It seesm that 2 school bus drivers (Mount Carmel -
Anand Niketan) were booked for parking outside the
school gates and blocking flow of traffic. HT very
helpfully points out that 431 IPC is usually used
against "terrorists". Once again counsel for offenders
whines and moans that he is prepared to pay Rs.100 for
no-parking violation - but wise Magistrate will have
none of this.

For my gentle readers I will explain:- quote from
memory since I can't seem to locate my dogeared

IPC 431: Whoever mischievously (ie. with knowledge he
will cause / or is likely to cause harm) makes a
public road passable or less passable commits offence
punishable under this section with imprisonment upto 5
years. Offence is cognisable (ie. police officer can
arrest without warrant).

There is a similar offence (433 ?) for mischievously
blocking public drains punishable upto 7 years.

So all "plannerly types" (much abused phrase) take
care when you consort with lumpen proletariat who
mischievously block our roads and drains.


--- AZplan <[email protected]> wrote:

---sarabjit wrote:

under Delhi Police ACT. With all these dairy


whom plannerly type are so keen to suck(le) up to,


can't expect the poor MCD to rid street of cattle


face of law and order problem.



huh? which plannerly type is suckling up to which
dairy mafias?
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