--- sarbajit roy <[email protected]> wrote:

"> huh? which plannerly type is suckling up to which

dairy mafias?"

A person is known  by the company (s)he keeps ...
jungle saying!! :-)

"The following is translation of the draft of the
response to DMP2021 Public Notice response from
Masudpur Dairy that friends in Masudpur showed me.


best friend in masudpur is ajit singh ji, about 60,
respected 'social worker', mpisg convener on village
issues, closely involved in mpisg PIL. he is largely
responsible for, among other things, construction on
the mighty malls going slow and without boring and the
mighty goenkas having had to demolish their illegal
construction in their school, etc. his family owned
the land on which common-cause, etc, now illegally
sit. he has no personal stake in masudpur dairy, but
wrote the letters mentioned in their public notice
response after it got water logged due to the malls.
it is an honour to be known by his company. i might
not have the right to ask this for myself, but i
insist on temperate language for others on mpisg, this
is an mpisg list. ajit singh ji is no mafia.



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