From September, allottment of labour housing scheme
flats to start

  Delhi Jagran, 24 August


Draw of flats under labour housing by the DSIDC at
Shayma Prasad Mukerjee Bawana Industrial Area will start from
September.  In First phase 500 flats will be alotted. Total 3164 flats
costed 40 crores i.e. 1.26 lakhs per unit.

Two type of flats with area of 31.6 sq.m. to cost
1.7 lakh for type I and 37.73 sq.m. to cost 2.0 lakh for Type II. Initial
provision was for 2000 type Type II and 1164 type I which was changed to 2700
for type II becuase the application received were 2400 for type II and 700 for
type I.

The product is earthquake and
termite resistant with flyash bricks and rat trap bonds and equipped with
all the moder services.


What about the 12.5 sq.m. and 18 sq.m. plot parchis
at Bawana. distributed last year? Should they not have the first claim on these



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