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Does anybody l4.know about this meeting held at ASI
regarding the 100m and
200m around protected monuments. The reason for
calling the meeting was to
examine the relaxation possibilities to help people.
Can ASI do such a thing. There was ample opportunity
during the Master Plan
2021 preparation. Why now?


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Hi Sarabjit,
Am very much interested in the matter of "Mixed

Land Use" in the

DMP. So please drop a line, so that I can receive

mails from u directly.

MPISG concerns are too many and I cannot cope up

with it.


Nalini, Aruna, it must be ur good-ole gut that posted
these on a PIL post!

Nalini, I dunno about ASI meeting but am prepared to
bet it was precipitated by the elevated metro corridor
fuss-making thru DUAC (since May 2005). I agree that
the 100/200 m issue ought to have been taken up in
DMP2021. imperative of law, as follows:

1) DMP2001, notified in 1990, requires detailing out
protected/regulated area in detailed (zonal) plans
rather than by simplistic 100/200m thumb-rule (arisen
from simplistic PIL). This point was raised, also with
ASI and DUAC, in context of Sultangarhi Public Notice,
in continuation of which mpisg DMP2021 PN response
suggests deletion of the inane chapter on conservation
copied from DMP2001 except for adding faff and
sultangarhi, which we allege is malafide (I recall u
had commented on the 100/200 business in 2003 wrt to
the designer wall in sgarhi that daintily zig zags to
save farmhouses within 50 m and takes in with half km
expansive inclusivity the 50-yr old settlement they
tried to demolish for it in 2000).

2) F-Zone Plan, notified in 1998, specifically
mentions Qutb heritage zone and Mehrauli Arch.Park and
a committee including ASI and INTACH among others for
management. It also says no elevated metro near
heritage sites, ie chaps fuss-making about that near
Qutb in 2005 are the same that had statutory
responsibility to appraise DMRC of Plan imperative
*before* it spent public money on design. The mpisg
petition from mahipalpur impleaded dmrc in view of
F-Zn Plan (in 2003 metro was proposed from Qutb to
Sultangarhi). dmrc, cheerfully parrying in press with
fuss-making chaps, has not cared to reply in petition
of 400-yr old mahipalpur village.

3) Delhi Heritage Foundation, formalised (with same
f-m chaps) under s.5A of DD Act in 1999, also had same
statutory responsibility re Qutb/Metro and, like the
DMP2021 expert group, re revising 100/200m in context
of DD Act/DMP.

4) From perspective of f-m chaps (who are anti-Plan
and busy alternative-law-making in PIL and club-style
committees) resolving the 100/200m issue was
imperative notably at time of finalising the heritage
Bill that Delhi Assembly passed in 2004 or the
usaid-sponsored amendments to MCD law (including a
fuzzy one on heritage) up since 01/08 for comment
(through understandably unspecified process). There is
also the Red Fort committee arisen from SC PIL wherein
the issue was mgt plan and there is copious heritage
PIL including by MCM hisself now. There is also the
Draft National Environment Policy that includes built

ASI meeting for 100/200 to help people obviously means
that all the foregoing alt-ctr-del has not helped
people. reflects poorly on the help-walahs!  


last week snapshots of alt-ctrl-del clubbing (with
party-pooping ideas):

* DUAC Chairman from mumbai arrived in delhi high
court, where he had to put in personal appearance for
the police-memorial-is-ugly case, with OP Jain, chief
of ngo INTACH fuss-making about impugned ugliness and
calling for its relocation to riverbed games village,
identical illegality as IT Park, barred by Sultangarhi
judgment of 2002. At Sgarhi foundation stone laying in
2001 INTACH was conspicuous (I have video) and for
both Sgarhi and IT Park DUAC clearance has been
claimed in court. You could ask for minutes of DUAC
task-force meetings about metro near heritage sites
and get a friendly lawyer to quote to them
para-verse-n-rhyme from DUAC Act and above mentioned.

* ITPI decided to organise on 31/08 a metro talk by
DMRC PRO Anuj Dayal. Maybe planners enrolled in that
club (controlled by same old planner chaps for the
quarter century of my acquaintance with planning) have
trouble reading newspapers or need reinforcing reading
with audio. Or maybe they avoided dmrc planner to
avoid the freak possibility of him spoiling their
seminar-n-snacks with technicalities. you could go for
this (it is at 4:30) as they are likely to be talking
of aesthetics of metro near Qutb and you could give
the PRO return-gift of copy of F-Zn Plan to throw at
so-called critics (you could get it heavy-bound, it is
too slim).  

* PR Mehta (as former CoA Prez) and Sudhir Vohra (boss
of something like ethics committee in CoA,
misrepresented as Urban Planner) got quoted in
Financial Express of 27/08 amidst realtors and Rakesh
Mehta connecting usaid-sponsored law to hopes-of-FDI
(really!). I recall being rude to Ramanathan (CoA) and
YRG (SPA), who called me up in 2003-04 about the
honour of being asked to opine in that exercise. You
could ask CoA to explain the fuzzy usaid-sponsored
heritage provision. could also ask AMDA; big-daddy EFN
Ribiero (AMDA chief), to whom I had gone to whine
about MCD-Usaid tie-up wrt to prior AMDA conference at
which I had said in presence of all big-daddies
properly rude oye to (Usaid employed) Chetan for
mentioning Usaid model municipal law for us, is listed
among experts on it. and I am told his firm is also in
receipt of honour of doing one of the pilot-projects
for it. what pilot project for law already drafted
means is beyond the limits of minds like mine but
since his outburst re IBC-awards I dont pester EFNR
for not teaching me enuff)

* Montek Singh Ahluwalia told law graduates to prepare
for unspecified concessions that the nation will have
to offer under GATS. (Hindu reported, with pic of MSA
in convo robes, on 29/08). architects are reportedly
also covered in the revised GATS offer submitted on
12/08. CoA (ie Mehta and Vohra) were also doing the
profession management for that and with the Budhadeb
Bhatacharya style I-dun-what-is-good-for-us
fait-accompli they have presented us with on FE, I
think SPA (which is also supposed to have informed the
usaid-sponsored thingummy) should call them over to
teach the faculty what to teach in the abruptly
changed paradigm. (ITPI could too, it hosted GATS
workshop in 2003 with CoA on dais and IIA presentation
taking different view and ITPI chaps all prefacing
their speeches with the remark that they dunno
anything about WTO but would opine anyway on GATS).


I dont credit these chaps with intelligence of
conspirators and attribute to them the pettiest of
motives. In my reckoning it is the alliance of their
petty interests that is deadly. those who have failed
to deliver. those who have profited from the failure.
those profiting from the cover-up by making failure
look good (with buzz words).  

I dont think ordinary chaps interested in solutions
have a chance in hell against this anti-solution
alliance, currently furiously legislating problems.
that is where the fire is. and the fire extinguishers
are dysfunctional. witness the silence of institutions
and professions meant to discern. Aruna, I apologize
for u not finding a bacha planner for ur dmp2021
response and I thank you for wanting to find one. and
if sarabjit has not mailed u with proper-respect,
tell. I have his cell no :)

I dont mean to pontificate, just to share the way I
see things. I ask myself three questions while mulling
any idea: (a) can it heal institutions that solutions
need? (b) can it weaken the anti-solutions alliance?
(c) can it mark a route for reversing reckless
decisions? If I can answer yes to all and not
counter-argue any I mull more, for khuraafaat. If I
can counter-argue even one I reject, as damaging
jugaad (which is why I quarrel about so many things,
that is how I see them). the rest are harmless
time-pass, great for getting-even and maybe handy at
another time, excuses enuff to yield to wicked
temptations ;)


FE item, especially relevant to heritage and mixed
landuse (and the professions gone quiet):




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