Pioneer, 06.10.2005

Loni cops go berserk, thrash bull to death

SP Singh / Loni (Ghaziabad)

In a shocking act of high-handedness by Loni police, a
bull was literally lynched to death by the cops for
not being able to control the so-called terror spread
by the animal in Sangam Vihar area. The lynching of
the bull began on Tuesday morning. Finally, the police
tied up his legs and dumped him in an open field where
he died late in the evening.

The local residents, who did not come to the rescue of
the hapless animal first while it was being pilloried
by the cops, performed the last rites by burying him
in the field. "We buried the animal with all respect
and religiosity. ...


I think the highly publicised stray-cattle PIL, like
the highly publicised free-bed  & seats PIL, is only
making us nasty people. In name of court orders in it,
22982 cattle were purportedly deported to gausadans
between December 2002 and June 2004. Out of these
18587 purportedly died because they could not adjust
to change in diet from plastic-bags to grass. Then MCD
and GNCTD were milking the problem via auctions (while
also milking misuse of farmhouses occupying cattle
space). Then citizens-participation in milking was
allowed by order of reward for cow-catching. Now cops
have lynched a bull that RWA-types have buried with
respect and religiosity. amen.  

some old prose:

Advocacy for banishing buffaloes (05.06.2004)

Two days after newspapers reported Delhi Urban
Development Minister’s decision to relocate Delhi’s
dairies in accordance with Delhi Master Plan, The
Hindu, in a news report (with no byline, no quotes and
no news) titled ‘Sheila Government bogged down by
populism’ has pitched for resumption of the drive by
which MCD had started shutting Delhi’s dairies and
auctioning impounded buffaloes in neighbouring states
in the name of court orders in an NGO PIL about stray
cattle. ...

Holy cow! Catch one, earn 2000! (05.08.2005)

That is the title of the Pioneer report about the
latest court order in the Common-Cause PIL against
stray cattle. ...I hope someone who understands these
things will take a look, especially at the orders of
04/08/04 and 08/09/04... The following is translation
of the draft of the response to DMP2021 Public Notice
response from Masudpur Dairy...

Intervention draft (10.08.2005)

Looking for applicant/intervener and lawyer!


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