Ministry of Environment & Forests has clarified that
the Consultant’s report, “National Bio-diversity
Strategy and Action Plan” submitted by an NGO –
KALPAVRIKSHA has been reviewed by a group of
scientists appointed by the Ministry. They have
concluded that the report is for the major part
scientifically invalid. Hence, the Ministry has
rejected the report and has started the process of
developing the National Bio-diversity Action Plan,
KALPAVRIKSHA was paid more than Rs. 3.00 crore as
consultancy fees by the Global Environment Facility
for preparation of this report. Unfortunately, this
international assistance to India has not yielded the
expected benefits.

---Remembering Lalkhet---

kalpvriksh shekhar singh, as SC empowered CEC,
*approved* in june-july our Aravali Biodiversity Park
-- outside designated Aravali ridge and while the
proposal, usurping DMP housing land, was sub-judice in
mpisg ridge area case. within the week pushta-like war
was waged on 1000+ families in old communities in
Lalkhet that had been seeking lawful relocation in
spirit of NCMP besides DMP.
In their World Habitat Day celebrations in October
sanjhaNGOs claimed evictions had stopped under UPA and
demanded, in name of its NCMP, the DfID/NDA slum
policy of in-situ upgradation.

In june-july sanjhaNGOs were getting people in slums
situated exactly on sites planned for low income
housing to demand relocation to flats in small part of
builder scheme on nearly 20 Ha of District Park near
Tughlakabad (for which Public Notice was issued on
31.08.05, on eve of millennium-development-goals
Poverty Concert of sanjhaNGOs and scheme start by
December assured by Secy MoUD to SC Green Bench within
the week, in the Yamuna matter). A larger identically
illegal scheme of 21000 flats on land acquired in 2003
in contempt of court was announced by GNCTD-MCD and
around WHD 05, CM urged builders to chalk out a code
of conduct for themselves -- at a FICCI do. Also
gracing that was MoS for Urban Employment & Poverty
Alleviation (the ministry for slum policy), while Left
parties sought Sonia Gandhi’s intervention for a slum
policy / law for in-situ, in name of NCMP (that
promised no such thing) and in time for the sanjhaNGOs
protest against DDA for not letting them be on its
Board for the DMP2021 Public Notice.

And the Aravalli Biodiversity Park is helping
sell-well illegal VK malls and being used to discharge
VK sewerage. The green is just the green of money that
some make to give the city shit, and the great law of
shit is the more you take the more you get.


Celebrate tonight. by tomorrow sanjhaNGOs will be
badmouthing MoEF for rejecting their *model* for shit
in name of green while other sanjhaNGOs bad-mouth DDA
to demand their slum policy in name of poor.

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