--- Nidhi Jamwal <[email protected]> wrote:

Just received KV's press release on "allegations"
made by the MoEF.


thanks nidhi. very interesting!
KV website <http://www.owsa.in/kalpavriksh> has
neither the report nor names of *over a hundred
committees and individual experts* that gave inputs or
*15 member Technical and Policy Core Group* (link to
Delhi-environs under Regions-we-work-in also does not
work). they published the report as priced KV
publication, released or revealed it on 04/10/05
(leading to MoEF press-note) and are going to release
it as citizens-report on 10/10/05. People/scientists
may or may not be able to judge the KV-coordinated
technical report for NBdSAP formulation by MoEF, but
its recommendations (bulleted in a press-release on
the website) were arguably not followed in ABdPark,
start of which without waiting for NBdSAP was, in any
event, an impropriety and it is also unethical (and
under some development law illegal) for those involved
in plan-making to have business/personal interest in
projects under the plan and when I used to be
consultant reports used to be client property (I have
not published any even in free public domain). I also
think NBdSAP is unnecessary and I do wonder how 3 cr
was distributed over 15 core-groupies, 100+
expert-units and thousands of others claimed in the
info on KV web to have provided inputs for the
technical report.

btw, yesterday Singh joined Roy in exhorting people to
*Start demanding information from Government* as soon
as their RTI Act comes into effect, on October 12.
They will observe info-week from Oct 13 to 20.

KV web front-page has at the top announcement of
report release on 10/07/05 (read-more link is to page
describing it as *social event* and sole link under
Upcoming-Events in panel-on-right is also to same) and
this press release, one of 3 links under
Press-Releases in panel-on-right, other two being
press release for the report-release and highlights of
the report.

Press release for report-release says, among other
things, that from Jan 2000, MoEF *facilitated the
NBSAP process, starting with the unusual step of
giving its technical coordination to a NGO,
Kalpavriksh, working in conjunction with a 15 member
Technical and Policy Core Group*, on behalf of which
the report, *originally supposed to have been an
official report* of MoEF, is being released by
Kalpavriksh *as a citizens’ report, as the Ministry
has not acted on it for almost two years*. The
Highlights press release, among other things, bullets
16 recommendations as *Key Strategies and Actions*
(without distinguishing strategies and actions).
Contact eml and phones *To order/obtain copies of the
report* are provided.

Under News in panel-on-right are two reports of
05/10/05 (about the report having been released or
revealed in AP, in some sort of protest against MoEF,
by two un-named women farmers representing 250000 or
50000 with whom Shekhar Singh, Ashish Kothari, etc,
drafted report / action plan) and of 07/10/05, with
pretty-prose titles (about the fall out, quoting Singh
and Kothari about MoEF reason of likely embarrassment
by suggestions like for talks with militants and

Also under News in panel-on-right is a link, labelled
*Final Technical report of the NBSAP* and dated
06/09/05, to a page about then forthcoming priced




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