PIB MoUEPA Press Release: 19 October, 2005:

... She was speaking after inaugurating the National
Workshop on 'Urban Street Vendors' in the capital
today. ... said that the centre has made a beginning
towards giving hawkers a more dignified life under
National Policy on Urban Street Vendors but said that
not much has been done so far in its implementation.
Kumari Selja urged the State Governments to come out
with the problems faced by them in implementation of
the National Policy so that necessary amendments can
be made to facilitate proper implementation. She also
said that the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) is
monitoring the implementation of the policy ... Among
those present on the occasion were Smt. Chitra Chopra,
Secretary, UEPA and Shri K. Jaishankar, Member,
National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised


by 2000 Manushi and SEWA were serious-fuss-making
about this mindset problem. in 2001 SEWA-MoUD did
national workshop and concluded need for national
policy and Manushi wrangled a PMO policy for Delhi and
in 2003 got MCD to try and get the supreme court to
endorse its pilot-project in name of yet to be adopted
national policy.  SEWA was already using disbursing
micro-credit out of some HUDCO routed funds. in 2004
the policy was adopted by NDA and re-adopted by UPA
and, to encourage adoption by states, put and re-put
on the urban reform incentive fund checklist. UPA also
made national commission (with SEWA and Manushi ladies
as advisers). MPLADS funds were diverted to the
MCD-Manushi pilot-project on roadside and even as that
ran into problems MPLADS funds were committed to the
MCD-SEWA pilot project in park. these funds seem to be
for overheads of designer and facilitator inputs for
which hawkers have to take loans from banks and are
also not party to the MoUs. all this while hawkers
themselves have been pointing out that they need
neither any of this nor roads/parks but only the DMP
space meant for small trade in planned commercial
centres. That has been lost through dozens of illegal
tenders to larger retail, including malls (despite a
PIL jointly filed in 2002 by hawkers, other traders,
residents, planner, in which DDA VC Madhukar Gupta
brazenly conceded their illegality in an affidavit of
2005). the model-hawker-markets complementing this
land grab were also challenged also in terms of the
policy besides of DMP, including in intervention in
the lousy case between area residents and MCD-Manushi
in which the model-market seems to have survived
albeit with difficulty. Counsel for the petitioners
did not have till 19/10/05 a copy of the judgment that
was reserved in May and pronounced last week and
reported in Asian Age and Hindu. Hindu report of
15/10/05 is at:

And now this workshop.

I know exactly what all is bothering them in their
national policy (I am personally responsible for those
little bits being in or out of it). And I know what is
coming. Hindu report of 16/10/05 about retail traders
turning to the Left on FDI issues (since BJP and
Congress are the same) and accepting the suggestion of
Mr Bardhan to organize conventions to mobilise opinion
is at:
We saw what happened after that happened in the matter
of industries last year. This time Mr VP Singh, while
addressing a Left rally of traders might give his
anti-Plan catch-phrases a go-by to exhort instead
traders to fight FDI with RTI (at the Action-Aid
poverty-concert he had called upon the poor to fight
poverty with RTI, which, incidentally, is the only
right other than right to collect tendu patta, etc,
that their common minimum programme talks of)

say thankyou very nicely to the mall-molls who put us
on course to become mall-a-mall. cheers.




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