ncpedp seems interested in building design details.
that has nothing to do with the master plan. building
byelaws are being modified by mcd. existing and
proposed are both on mcd website (linked from under
information on home-page). last week mcd commissioner
made a presentation to delhi cabinet and the proposal
has been referred to union home ministry.

for CM to have referred ncpedp to DDA/DMP is typical
obfuscation that helps neither. ncpedp would do well
to target its suggestions at the byelaws mcd has
proposed. and it could do us all a favour by not
targeting its clout at DMP so as to spare DDA for
public interest tasks required by its mandate.

btw, any one knows if our mcd commissioner bothered to
be on board for DMP hearing on 29 oct? noticed how
around first DMP public hearing we had sajha munch
news-making with protest outside dda on issues
concerning mcd commissioner; on second DMP public
hearing we have ncpedp news-making with dda bullying
on matter concerning mcd commissioner; in between we
had RWAs news-making wrt to their DMP hearing on
municipal gripes? all in love with 74th / in bed in
bhagidaari might want to look, unless love-is-blind,
at what has reached home in name of innocuous


sarabjit's other post at:

--- sarbajit roy <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Gita,

Had just posted the same thing with ref to a story as a followup to poonam's

Have spoken to a nice chap at ncpedp called
singh in-charge of this project. They were called in
for the Oct.29 meet only after the personal
intervention of the CM Shielaji. I dont think theirs
was a special hearing, but they were also "invited".
Damn, why not me?? My PR seems to be going downhill
these days, must ask Ms.Dhar at DDA for some tips.


--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

| huh?!!
| someone tell this ncpedp about mcd
| byelaw reform gone to home ministry.

| btw, the 2nd regular hearing
| happened on Sat 29, at iipa

ToI, 01.11.05, p.4
DDA to include disability sector in MPD

New Delhi: DDA will now give some thought to


Delhi disabled-friendly. After completely ignoring
issue in its draft Master Plan for Delhi (MPD)


DDA has invited experts from the disability sector
suggestions on the draft. Experts from the


Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled
(NCPEDP) have been asked to help DDA. The


came a day before a hearing in the Delhi HC on a
petition filed by NCPEDP in 2001, on the issue of
disabled-friendly access of buildings.


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