DUAC clearance not required now that plot size has to
be 20+Ha and height 26+m and ROW has to be 200 feet or
something vide their new resolution. Anyway DUAC has
no enforcement powers and can only complain to
Parliament vide their annual report. Of course Foreign
Firms can handle construction projects in India, and
where does Architect's Act enter the picture? Funny
the 250 Cr loan does not show up in NCRPB's budget
under RTI ACT 2005 on their website. Wonder what sort
of credit rating was done for poor bankrupt MCD (which
doesnt pay their staff salaries for 6 months at a
time) to give them the said loan.


--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

| does it have or not DUAC Clearance?
| Architects Act allow Malaysian firm?
| mlu tower DMP/ZonalPlan compliant?
| what regnl priority got NCRPB 250cr?
| what requires/allows hiring broker?

Govt gets ready to sell Civic Centre space

New Delhi, October 28: The Municipal Corporation of
Delhi (MCD) will soon appoint an agent to sell or
lease out 46,377.5 square metre of commercial space
the upcoming civic-centre for the construction of
28-floor building. One half of the building will be
used to house all the offices of the MCD while the
other will be commercial. Malaysian firm IJM, which
handling the construction, has given a time of three
years for completing the building. Construction
started on May 5. ... ... While many other
organisations, including the Delhi Urban Arts
Commission, have recently opposed the civic centre
its height and design, Mehta said the MCD is
to its guns



MCD not to borrow more for project

NEW DELHI: For its upcoming Rs.545-crore Civic
project that will work as the Municipal Corporation
Delhi headquarters, the civic body has decided not
borrow additional money apart from the Rs.250-crore
loan from the National Capital Region Planning Board
and raise the remaining amount in advance by booking
commercial spaces in the complex. Announcing this
here, Municipal Commissioner Rakesh Mehta said they
were short-listing reputed real estate agents ...
He also stated that the civic body has received all
required clearances from the project that include
approvals from the Delhi Urban Arts Commission




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