Ms Neemo Dhar
Director (PR) / PIO, DDA

Dear Ms Dhar,

Please refer to the news item reproduced at the end
about reconstitution of the Board for Enquiry &
Hearing for MPD-2021 Public Notice.

Please refer to Rule-8 (read with Rule-12) of Delhi
Development Master Plan and Zonal Development Plan
Rules, 1959, and note that Board for Enquiry & Hearing
has to be appointed by the Authority, for meetings of
which you have said in a previous eml you are PIO.

(1) Please refer to s.4(1)(d) of RTI Act, 2005, and
please note that reasons for decisions relating to
reconstitution of Board for Enquiry & Hearing have not
been provided to me as affected person (I was invited
for hearing by the Board on 03.10.05 and had raised
questions about legality of its composition / hearing
before it as well as in a s.41(3) application to LG /
DDA Chairman). Kindly provide me forthwith under
s.4(1)(d) reasons for decisions, including at least
the following:
* reason for considering the matter (wrt absurd claim
in the news item of basis in “hue and cry” by un-named
supporters of MCD / councillor)
* date of Authority meeting, detail of agenda item,
list of Authority members present and number of those
who voted
* reasons for rejecting / selecting each and every one
of the eligible persons (ie, all members of the
Authority and Advisory Council)
* reasons for not dropping Commissioner (Plg) although
he is not eligible as staff of the Authority and
member neither of Authority or Advisory Council
* reasons for officially including Engineer Member
(who, despite not being member of the previous Board,
was “represented” on it at hearing on 03.10.05)
* reasons for dropping MCD Commissioner although he is
eligible as member of Authority (though he did not
bother to be present for the hearing of 03.10.05
despite quorum not being complete without him)
* views of representatives of Central Govt / Delhi
Govt / MCD on inclusion of MCD Councillor (wrt
conflict with DD Act of the coincident Municipal
Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2005, about which
Authority members MoUD JS(DD) and MCD Commissioner are
seized through my representation to MoHA with copies
to them as well as to GNCTD CS)

(2) Please refer to s.4(1)(b)(iii) of RTI Act, 2005,
and please note that the procedure followed in
decision making by the Authority has not been
published on the website of the DDA. Kindly ensure the
same is published forthwith.

(3) Please refer to s.4(1)(b)(v) of RTI Act, 2005, and
please note that Delhi Development Master Plan and
Zonal Development Plan Rules, 1959, have not been
published on website of the DDA. Kindly ensure the
same are published forthwith.

(4) Please refer to s.4(1)(b)(viii) of RTI Act, 2005,
and please note that statement of previous and
reconstituted Board for Enquiry & Hearing of MPD-2021
Public Notice have not been published on the website
of the DDA. Kindly ensure the same are published

Please note further that:
* all the above are not my requests per se but s.4
imperatives of RTI Act for which responsibility vests
exclusively in DDA / yourself
* failure to provide me mandatory s.4 information
and/or reasonable assistance prevents me from
exercising my RTI under s.6 of RTI Act, 2005
* inadequate information, in turn, prevents me from
taking necessary steps for protection of my rights
under s.11A and s.41(3) of DD Act and for discharging
my fundamental duties as well as my professional duty
of care in respect of legality, propriety and smooth
progress of MPD-2021
* the reconstituted Board, as reported in the news
item below, fails to answer techno-legal issues I have
raised before the Board and in my application to LG /
DDA Chairman, I apprehend the entire MPD-2021 Public
Notice process is vitiated and I wish to seek an
extraordinary meeting of the Authority, if necessary
by resort to higher constitutional offices in view
also of MCD Bill and JNURM.

Please recall that I have repeatedly urged disclosure
of information under RTI Act and even offered support
out of concern about drift from statutory mandate in
the DDA and, out of appreciation of resultant
inability of staff to appreciate plannerly concerns,
have also not taken issue with what must regretfully
be called arrogance in replies to me from your
department. However, my rights and duties in respect
of the sanctity of MPD-2021 process cannot wait
endlessly for a responsible view of DD Act and RTI Act
at your end and I hope you will treat this
communication with seriousness and urgency.

Thanking you
Your sincerely
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

cc: mpisg mailing list


Asian Age, 02.12.05

Panel to review dda plan

- By Our Correspondent

New Delhi, Dec. 1: Delhi Development Authority has
constituted a panel for considering objections and
suggestions received for the draft Master Plan 2021.
However, what is significant in the constitution of
this panel is that, after much hue and cry from the
social activists and urban experts, the premier
housing agency has agreed to appoint MCD councillor
and DDA member Virender Kasana as one of the members
to represent public views regarding the Master Plan
2021. The other members of the board are DDA
vice-chairman, engineer member, commissioner
(planning) and chief of town planner. The meeting of
the board will be held on Saturday. So far about 7,000
objections has been received from public,

"We are already late by five years in finalising the
draft. There is an urgent need to expedite the
proposal so that promises made in the plan do not
remain on paper but there is sufficient time to
implement them as well," said Mr Kasana.
As per Master Plan 2021, the DDA has promised 20 lakhs
flats for residential purposes, vision to develop
Delhi as a sports capital, keeping in view of
Commonwealth Games 2010 and Asiad Games in the next
few years and emphasis on re-development of the
existing urban area.



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