To: PIOs, AAs, Nodal Officer (as per eml dated
1. Please refer to my eml dated 26.12.05:
This was for clarifications for filing the separate
*petition* proposed by Secretary DDA at CIC hearing on
23.12.05 on complaint of Mr Sarabjit Roy. I have had
no reply. Meanwhile, The Hindu has published on
07.01.06 a *news* item about RTI in DDA in which the
matter before CIC is not mentioned, though Secretary
is quoted:
I request, under s.4(1)(d) of RTI Act, the
clarifications I had sought on 26.12.05 as well as
information about additional reply that Secretary DDA
had to file before CIC by 07.01.06.

2. Please see my suggestion dated 09.01.06 to MoUD for
designating DDA as the State Level Nodal Agency for
Delhi for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal
Mission, at:

This is in context of my request dated 18.12.05 to DDA
Chairman for steps for the same (included), which I
wish to press now, including by resort to s.6 of RTI
Act for information of status and outcome of its
consideration. However, I have not succeeded in
locating information under s.4(1)(b) about the
functioning of the Authority of the DDA or PIO
designated for it. I seek this with urgency and,
meanwhile, seek favour of forwarding to concerned
officers information of my request / suggestion of
18.12.05 / 09.01.06.        

Yours sincerely,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

cc: for information vide separate emls

* CIC Registar, wrt (1) in cont. of letter dated

* LG Secretariat, wrt (1) & (2) in cont. of letters
dated 26.12.05 and 18.12.05

* Chief Secretary, GNCTD, wrt (2) in context of MoUD
letters of 12&15.12.05


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