Addl Secy & PS to LG (PIO) / Secretary to LG (AA)
LG's Secretariat, Raj Niwas, Delhi - 110054

Dear Sirs,

1. Please refer to my request for information about
status of compliance of directions for LG in Delhi
High Court judgments dated 25.11.05, 16.12.04 and
22.09.02, made under s.4(1)(c) and s.4(1)(d) of RTI
Act, 2005:
I request response to the same.

2. I request information about all communications to
or from LG Sectt pertaining to USAID-MCD byelaw
project under s.4(1)(d) of RTI Act, 2005, in the
following context: On 19.12.05 it was reported that
former MCD Commissioner, Mr Rakesh Mehta, had stated
in a high-level meeting taken by Chief Secretary that
the project ensued only from oral orders of former LG
and 1 cr support from USAID. In continuation my prior
representation of 17.11.05 to MoHA, I had made further
representations. My original representation was
forwarded for information and necessary action to the
USAID consultants. I have already requested matching
information under s.4(1)(d) about the meeting taken by
Chief Secretary:

I make the instant request in the same perspective,
also because the USAID consultants to whom my
representation has been forwarded met with LG (in
October 2005) before their project was referred to
Central Govt.

3. On 18.12.05 I had made a request to LG / DDA
Chairperson for steps to designated DDA as SLNA for
the JnNURM. In context of pending RTI requests about
JnNURM, etc, I have made the same suggestion to MoUD,
endorsed to you for information:

If you can provide me information about status and
outcome of consideration of my request of 18.12.05,
kindly do so, if possible under s.4(1)(d).  

4. On 26.12.05 I had written to LG / DDA Chairperson &
Competent Authority for RTI Act about my communication
to DDA about the hearing by Central Information
Commission on 23.12.05 on a complaint about DDA. I
have written again to DDA in this regard, also to
request information under s.4(1)(b) for resort to s.6
for information of status / outcome of consideration
of representations to DDA Chairman. This is endorsed
to you for information, at:

Since my eml of 28.12.05 (at 1 above) has not been
acknowledged, I have no confirmation of the eml ids to
which it was sent. I am, accordingly, also dispatching
text of this communication by courier and look forward
to your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

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