Chief Secretary, Delhi Govt

Dear Sir,

1. Please refer to my requests dated 21 & 29.12.05 for
information under s.4(1)(d) of RTI Act, 2005, about
the Delhi byelaws project underway since 2003 by oral
order and 1 cr from USAID:

I request with urgency that I be provided or refused
the requested information.

2. In the same context I request under s.4(1)(c)
and/or s.4(1)(d) of RTI Act, information about your
response to letters dated 12 & 15.12.05 from JnNURM
Mission Director. I have requested / suggested
designating DDA as SLNA for JnNURM, vide
communications dated 18.12.05 to LG / DDA Chairman and
09.01.06 to MoUD / Mission Directorate, endorsed to
you for information:

3. In my request of 21.12.05 about the byelaws, I had
also sought advice about what to do with forwardings
to Mr Rakesh Mehta for action and ATR to me of my
communications to you, including ones about issues in
court on which Delhi Govt has not filed replies on
and/or ignored requests for compliance of court
orders. Apropos these issues I have sought information
under s.4(1)(d) from Director Education vide
communication dated 19.12.05 at:
and from Secretary (E&F) vide communications dated 02
& 09.01.06, at:
I need to bring these to your attention because Delhi
Govt is impleaded through yourself in court cases with
which I am associated and appears to be cooperating in
NGO / activists PIL on same issues. Moreover, as per
press reports of 22 & 28.12.05 you yourself have
called for some full action plan for riverbed area and
are reviewing some survey for ridge area. I need to
point out that these are germane to sub-judice matters
in which Delhi Govt has not replied and which it not
ever acknowledged in its public information activity
or even under obligations cast upon it by s.4(1)(d) of
RTI Act.

I do hope for your reply and, in case my emls are not
reaching, am also dispatching this one by courier.

Yours sincerely,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

cc az plan


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