Bandaru Dattatreya was MoS leading the team that made
SEWA-MoUD national hawker policy that NDA adopted and
then UPA adopted and still all continue to demand
(outa demanding habits), including now its lead author
(outa demanding poltickly habits we assume). My hawker
might feel vindicated: they were submitting memoranda
to Dattatreya in 2001-02!!

see (has pic, too):
Eviction order: BJP, TRS take up vendors' cause
Staff Reporter
HYDERABAD: The Bharatiya Janata Party and Telangana
Rashtra Samiti joined hands to lend support to the
Bhagyanagar Partri Thela Hawkers and Dabba Owners
Sangh, fighting for the rights of the street and
footpath vendors in the twin cities...
In a memorandum submitted to MCH Commissioner Sanjay
Jaju here on Monday, former Union Minister and BJP
general secretary Bandaru Dattatreya, former


on 28.12.05
--- Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:

Recall SEWA-MoUD marriage in 2001? SEWA-Gujrat and
MoS-Andhra were the two states in which HUDCO was
to underwrite then micro-mini credit (SEWA mediated
naturally) for street vendors even before the idea

High Court seeks removal of encroachments
Legal Correspondent
HYDERABAD: A Division Bench of the High Court on
Tuesday directed the authorities to remove all the
encroachments on the pavements in the twin cities
within a month.
The Bench was dealing with a writ petition filed by
advocate complaining against the inaction of the
authorities in taking steps to prevent accidents on
the road.
The Bench said that the civil court concerned may
give an injunction against the drive taken up by the
authorities to clear the pavements of the


None of course can remove the ladies-club squatting
policy-space: Manushi & SEWA making PMO & MoUD
policies under NDA; Manushi & SEWA advising UPA PMO
launched National Commission; SEWA on NAC; its NASVI
with CITU. so. UPA gives fresh momentum to NDA
urban reform and GATS, which Left opposes to demand
social security Bill, which is drafted by Commission
and uses juridical-person type phrases. UPA proposes
retail FDI that Left opposes, and in drive against
unauthorised constructions all ooze for small trade
Delhi. but when workers get buried on a Mall site,
for enforcement only of safety law, not law for
planned space for small retail that Malls are
illegally. like all oppose other Malls only to claim
say more greens (biodiversity park to help malls
sell-well, on housing land after evicting the poor
might have spoiled the market).
Red-n-Green ladies-club says, net net, we will
n smother hawkers displaced by the Malls we
love-to-hate and on space spared by our hawkers we
strictly insist: only safe and eco-friendly, no
Malling. That is what the Wallmarts also insist:
safe and eco-friendly, no other restrictions.  
That is why we say mall-molls hawking-hawkers.

Any architect or engineer been to the Jasola site? I
can not make out from the press reports what exactly
went wrong.  


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