We have sent Gita's note about Wildrift Adventures’ experience with RTI
in DDA, copies of the replies, etc, to Mr AK Jain (Appellate Authority).
We have also endorsed our letter to DDA VC and CIC for information. We
think if authorities and RTI NGOs had a fraction of the depth and care
with which Gita handles information RTI would be a wonderful thing.  

Here is an account of our experience with RTI in DMRC(not for a note,
for a laugh!)

 On 6 Jan Indian Express had a report about water sports not being
included in Commonwealth Games because of the state of Yamuna. Wildrift
Adventures and others with business interest in water sports see such
decisions as missed opportunities for the industry. Earlier DMRC had
issued a tender for Recreational Facility at Shastri Park for which

Wildrift Adventures and also others like Himalayan River Runners had
sought clarifications with an eye on the Games. We did not pursue the
tender since DMRC seemed keen on a Disneyland and would not tell about
this court matter. Now we decided to check out if DMRC or the bidders
were interested in water sports. Our previous experience with DMRC had
shown us that it is not as forthcoming with replies as it is with PR. So
we decided to make an RTI request for names of those who have bid for or
sought clarifications about the Recreation Facility tender.

At around 3PM on 6 Jan I myself landed up in DMRC offices in NBCC Plaza
and asked for CPIO Mr Anuj Dayal. He was not there.

I asked for the APIO and was directed to Mr.Sharma who pointed to PRO
Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh was very keen to receive my RTI request, but without the 10/-
fee. He insisted he would ensure reply and I insisted on paying. He said
he had no receipt book and I suggested he call someone in Accounts about
that. He said they had no receipt book and agreed they are supposed to.
I suggested he tell me where the Appellate Authority Mr CBK Rao can be

I was directed to office of Mr Rao, who was in a meeting. I enquired
from his PA when he was likely to be free and was told there was no
point in waiting for Mr Rao.

I went back to Mr.Singh, who again insisted on receiving my RTI request
without fee. I suggested I see someone in Property Development who can
straightaway tell me for free what I need to know.

I was directed to office of Chief Urban Planner Mr Srinath, who was in a

I was then directed to Deputy Chief Marketing Manager Mr R Krishna who
is in-charge of the tender / project. I introduced myself and he said
but-you-did-not-apply. I assured him that I did not and had come to ask
about the status. He said there-is-no-stay. I said I am not here to ask
why they are in court and he said they are in court only to show the
court that they are not doing anything wrong. Before I could attempt
another approach, he was called for a meeting and I was told to wait. I
waited for over half an hour and then gave my card to his PA and asked
him to ask Mr R Krishna to call me at his convenience, at the earliest.

I went back to Mr. Singh who again offered to receive my RTI request
without fee. I told him that I, too, was not interested in RTI. I had a
fairly straightforward question that they could either tell me they
cannot answer it or give me the answer. I had not managed either in the
nearly two hours that I had spent in their offices and if he wanted to
try I could explain the question, if he had no meeting to rush to.

He did not and I explained our interest and he said the concerned person
is Mr R Krishna.  

I had the impression Mr R Krishna was concerned (or bothered) about
other things and suggested Mr Singh call him on the intercom and Mr
Singh did. Mr R Krishna seems to have asked him to read out my RTI
request, which Mr Singh did. I do not know what Mr R Krishna told Mr
Singh, but Mr. Singh told me that he had said he does not discuss this
issue with anyone and I could give my request in writing and he will

Perhaps realising we were back to where we began, Mr Singh did not
insist I deposit my RTI request without fee. I gave him my card to give
my number to any concerned-person inclined to discuss before they have
their receipt book and to let me know when they have it.

Manoj, Wildrift Adventures




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