MCD Commissioner

Dear Sir,

Please refer to MoUD letter No.K-11013/29/2005-DDIB of
09.01.06, forwarding my RTI request of 21.12.05 to you
"to take appropriate action in the matter in
accordance with the provisions of the RTI Act". By
s.5(5) of the Act you are deemed CPIO for my RTI

My request related to the USAID-sponsored MCD
Amendment Bill, 2005, and was made under s.4(1)(d),
for which no time frame is stipulated. However, I seek
reply now in view of:
precedent of time frame in which MCD forwarded my
letter of 17.11.05 to USAID consultants (on 22.12.05
after Delhi Govt forwarded its copy of the same to MCD
on 20.12.05), presumably under s.4(1)(d), as they are
affected persons in terms of my allegations
my RTI requests, made solely for accountability
purpose of the RTI Act, becoming progressively
infructuous, with MCD continuing to pursue Local Area
Plans unlawfully commissioned in presumption of and
others continuing to extra-constitutionally press for
the deregulating legislation

I would be grateful if you would at least tell me:
(1) Did the Bill originate from just oral orders and 1
cr from USAID?
(2) If not, details of the decision(s) from which it
(3) If yes, details of action, if any, taken against
its proponents
I believe this information concerns all citizens and
is more worthy of website publication than, say, the
list published on demand, originally, of CM Ms Sheila
Dikshit and RTI activist Aruna Roy. As such, I am
loathe to convert this to a request under s.6(1).
For your information, I have made an RTI request under
s.6(1) to MHA about its decision to consider splitting

and I have written in this regard to MoUD:

In the latter I have mentioned LAP / obfuscation of
court orders for urban villages, apropos which I also
request reply to my request of 22.12.06 about Vasant
Kunj / Mahipalpur-Mehrauli area:

Yours truly
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner