Sh R Gopalan, IAS,
Jt Secretary, MoC&I DoC
Dear Sh Gopalan,

Thank you for your letter (DO No.1/63(1)/2003-TPD) of
09.01.06 referring to my communications since 2003 to
DoC, wherein:
You have advised me to resort to s.6 for further
information from DoC under RTI, but have not indicated
either reasons for your preference of s.6 or your view
on mine that my requests fall in ambit of s.4. I will
resort to s.6 if and when I am able to responsibly and
meaningfully do so and am assuming from your reply
that you have been deemed PIO under s.5(4) & s.5(5)
for my RTI requests.  
Apropos my concerns about anomalies in the GATS offer
in respect of professional planning services, you have
advised me to provide my valuable inputs to ITPI and
CoA. You may want to know that I approached both with
reference to your reply to my RTI requests and that
ITPI President evinced no interest in the same and
informed me that ITPI is a private office not covered
by RTI Act and I could make a representation to him or
approach their lawyer. Evidently ITPI is not inclined
to value my inputs and I am afraid your advice on this
count seems unconsidered.
Apropos my core concern, viz, implications of your
GATS offer for statutory planning regimes, you have
advised me to take this up with appropriate
authorities, without disclosing to me who DoC is
consulting in those. I am doing what I can. Meanwhile,
I invite your attention to two news items published in
the Hindustan Times on 07.02.06, viz, Real estate
sector likely to attract $8 bn, p.12; Norms to be made
WTO compliant, p.13. These refer to sectors / issues
mentioned in my communications and the latter also
refers to unspecified top-officials in various
ministries who have been invited to come up with
proposed WTO-compliant rules and unspecified industry
associations and professional bodies that have been
invited to brainstorming later this week. This seems
inconsistent with your reply to me and I reiterate my
core concern as well as my core demand for meaningful
transparency in GATS consultations.

Yours truly
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner