I had thought it could not get any more disgusting,
this business of justice-for-Jessica. But Hindu has
today an item with pic of has-been p3 diva leading
young ones in candle-holding for p3 diva that got shot
while tending illegal bar for patrons of p3 divas that
dumped her when she became no-more p3 diva and have
now revived her for p3 candle-lighting. The
accompanying prose is titled
Delhi-demands-justice-for-Jessica-Lal, with Delhi
defined in opening para: Jessica's sister Sabrina,
social activist Swami Agnivesh, Neelam Krishnamurthy
of the Association of Victims of Uphaar Tragedy, young
murder victim Nitish Katara's mother Neelam Katara,
fashion designer Ravi Bajaj, model Joey Mathew and a
large number of students and teachers from Delhi
University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. The
last-straws are in quotes in the closing para:

"... What has happened to Jessica can happen to
anyone, and sadly till the public decides that enough
is enough innocent people will keep getting killed
...," said Ms. Krishnamurthy.


a Delhi University student said, "This here now is a
protest not just for Jessica; it is also for the
common man ... we need a better witness protection
system where the common man doesn't feel threatened to
speak the truth."


I wonder what makes Neelam Krishnamurthy suggest that
the Delhi that wishes justice for innocent victims of
the Uphaar tragedy also views Jessica Lal as innocent
martyr. Surely, she knows Delhi knows what happened at
Uphaar could happen to anyone, but what happened at
the sordid Tamarind Court affair could only happen to
a certain type that cannot be described as innocent
regardless or whether or not they get shot in the
course of their not-innocent indulgences.

And I wonder what truthful studies make
anonymous-students light candles for improbable
Truthful Common Man witness to uncommon Tamarind
affairs and for some Truth that somehow compels The
Common Man to put justice for all solidly behind

The young persons in the pic look about the age at
which Jessica got shot, the age that others would have
reached now if Uphaar had not claimed them, the age
that is now our near-future. What they say may not be
here now the truth, the whole truth and nothing but
the truth. But it will become the truth of their
tomorrow then. I bear truthful witness to the
candle-lit transition and no thanks I desire no
truth-speaking protection by grace of the lie that is
Jessica Lal. May she be joined in hell by all the
makers of that lie.


If anyone has the ear of MCD or MCD by the ear, please
ask it to have that Tamarind Court / Qutb Colonnade
sealed by SC order against commercial misuse or
demolished by HC orders in which commercial use in
villages is specifically mentioned. (The possibility
also occurs to me of incidental correlation between
waning of Jessica-investigations and waxing of NGO
interests of the investigating cop, some of which also
invite court-driven bulldozers).

And if anyone can suggest candle-lighting of bulldozer
path to TC/QC to the
Delhi-demands-justice-for-innocent-victims (Jessica or
the designers in the lately demolished malls on the MG
road to TC/QC), do please.

I humbly re-offer plannerly posts of 2003 about TC/QC
(of course I had promptly gone plannerly even after
the TC/QC affair till I noticed some sort of
state-mourning was in effect):
Latter refers also to the Sahara Restaurant-Bar affair
that sent sitting judge Shamit Mukherji to jail. I
wonder if MIB might be moved to light candles for
justice-for-former-Justice: that could help
coordinated participatory knockout of Tamarind and
Sahara in one candle-lit go, for justice for all.

Hindu candle-lighting item (5.3.06)