(7th Report


para No.5.17)

The Committee note that NCR

Planning Board is only a

planning body while the task

of implementing the polices

and programmes lies with the

participating State

Governments an the relevant

Central Ministries. The

Committee recommend that

the participating States

Governments should

For monitoring the implementation of

the schemes and programmes in the NCR

by the State Governments concerned, there

is already a mechanism in place. Besides

deliberation in the NCR Planning Board

itself, a Project Sanctioning and Monitoring

Group under the chairmanship of

Secretary(UD) with Members from the State

Governments concerned, meets from time to

time to review the implementation of the

projects. In addition there are NCR Cells set


follow up


furnished to

the Standing


on 6.3.2006


periodically apprise the

NCRPB of the status of the

implementation of the

schemes and programmes and

the problems faced by them if

any, in its implementation. A

mechanism may be drawn so

that those States not furnishing

the progress in expenditure

and those States not showing a

desirable level of physical and

financial progress are made

accountable. If participating

States are unable to justify the

reasons for delay in

implementation and the

reasons for low physical and

financial progress of the

schemes and projects, NCRPB

should be vested with

necessary powers to sort out

the matters.

up separately under the State Governments

concerned to coordinate the progress of

implementation of the projects.

As regards vesting of powers in the

NCR, the NCR Planning Board includes the

Chief Ministers of Haryana, Rajasthan,

Uttar Pradesh and Delhi with Union

Minister for Urban Development as the

Chairman of the Board. Therefore, the

decisions taken in respect of Regional

Planning have the concurrence of the

concerned State Governments.

In addition, the Ministry feels that the

pace of development in the National Capital

Region can be accelerated only through a

process of incentivisation. The NCRPB is

exploring possibility for taking up regional

projects which can create an impact on the

infrastructure requirement of the NCR and

also proposing for higher allocation of funds

to the Board.