There's another beauty in today's Indian Express Newsline on TK report and MPD 2001 incorporation.

Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:  Priority for creating heritage zones, green belt:
Sujay Mehdudia
Asserting that heritage and environment were the focus
areas, Mr. Maken said ...
Assuring the people in general and environmentalists
in particular that their aspirations would be taken
care of in the new Master Plan, Mr. Maken said ...
Stating that it was for the first time that the issues
concerning the poor, hawkers, vendors and those living
in slum clusters were being touched upon in the Master
Plan, Mr. Maken said ...

Regretting that the planners had neglected the poor in
the past, Mr. Maken said ...

| We regret that our future CM shows
| no respect for planning law or profession

| Last to regret in MUD was Ananth Kumar.
| (also for Mumbai-Model for slums and
| ladies-NGO policy for hawkers and
| parks like S-garhi & Aravali Biodiversity)

| Maken unseated Jagmohan, on Pushta 2004
| became MoS and started Pushta 2006

| Our present CM has identical views,
| as did our past CM when meddling in MUD
| See, Sep 2002:

| with one-party rule in the capital
| Maken can do what the others could not
| The Great Terrain Robbery is walkover.
| (and, to add insult, humane-faced!)

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