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There's another beauty in today's Indian Express
Newsline on TK report and MPD 2001 incorporation.


Building norms revamp will not wait for new Masterplan

Esha Roy
New Delhi, June 13: HOUSE owners who have violated
building norms as well as those running commercial
establishments in residential areas are to get relief
sooner than anticipated. This is so because the Union
Urban Development Ministry will not wait for the Delhi
Masterplan 2021 to get around the problem. Instead,
ministry officials say, the existing Masterplan Delhi
2001 will be amended to include key recommendations of
the Tejender Khanna committee appointed earlier this
year. The ministry is... consulting experts from
outside the DDA...

And I got yesterday RTI reply from DDA, saying:

This is in reference to the RTI Application received
through Director(PR) vide no.F3(2)2006/DPR/DDA/142
dated 2/5.6.06, it is informed that (i) No directions
were issued by MOUD to DDA, concerning the TKC Report,
however, there is a reference from MOUD addressed to
Secy.(GNCTD) for setting up of a Committee in this
regard. Copy of the same may be collected after
depositing a sum of Rs.4/- at Cash Counter of DDA,
Vikas Minar, from Asst.Director(MP), 6th floor, Vikas
Minar on any working day between 3:00 & 5:00 P.M. (ii)
There is no Agenda / Decision / Resolution relating to
TKC Report by the Authority. (iii) No Committee has
been constituted by the Authority for the purpose
related to TKC Report. (iv) The TKC Report is on the
Website of MOUD, Govt of India. (v) There is no report
available as on date with the comments of DDA on the
TKC Report.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully
OSD (Plg.) PIO

My request was for copy of MUD direction(s) to DDA re
TKC, copy of DDA Authority meeting(s) agenda/
decisions / resolutions re TKC, details of DDA
committee constituted for incorporating TKC recos,
copy of TKC report, copy of DDA committee report and
of report. It was made wrt TOI item of 22.05.06 about
the DDA committee and Hindu item of 30.05.06 *Khanna
Committee report to form basis of new Master Plan for
I had asked also for publishing TKC report on DDA web,
citing precedent of the MPD-2021-guidelines issued by
MUD to DDA in 2003, and insisted I needed the info
before my court-ordered Tehkhand hearing since I had
already raised (at my hearing for Games Village on
26.05.06) the question of worth of my views / Board
opinion in face of TKC views / opinion of DDA

Since MUD posted TKC on its web and came sat on Board
for my Tehkhand hearing, where I was able to make rude
remarks about TKC, I am satisfied with the stout
denial by DDA of any truck with TKC, confirmed by
latest media from MUD.

If anyone spots a Public Notice for amending MPD-2001
to incorporate TKC (already vitiated by admittance of
consulting experts outside DDA), do post. this TKC is
turning out to be comedy!