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  Now, what is to be done with these 30 day Zonal Plan notices.  Advertised in ToI about 5 days back, they are still not up there on  DDA's website, or are they??

Gita Dewan Verma <[email protected]> wrote:  Anupam told me landmark judgment was pronounced today
in the Arjun Camp cases.

These humble ones were for housing for all petitioners
according to MPD-2001 instead of re-housing for some
of them in violation of it. They were filed in July
2002 and finally argued starting July 2005. The
judgment, reserved at last hearing on 9 Dec 05, was
pronounced today.

The petitioners, evicted in the course of the
petitions, have to be housed within the Vasant Kunj
scheme as per MPD-2001 entitlements. The scheme has to
prepared by DDA (as specifically sought, we do not
subscribe to peepul-planning quackery) with
transparency about eligibility parameters (as also
specifically sought, we do not accept any
stakeholder-pundits-say-so bases) and in the peculiar
circumstances also opportunity for the petitioners to
duly comment (which we have lots of practice on, ever
since we clinched the Sultangarhi Public Notice in the
case filed along side the Arjun Camp cases). Lordship
has set time frame and will monitor (for which we are
enormously grateful).

I will post the judgment as soon as it pops up on the
court web or we get certified copy.

Lots of people, besides the petitioners, have won
these cases. But none, including the petitioners, can
be happier than I. These are the mpisg cases closest
to my heart: they are specifically for plan
entitlements not mainly against violations; and they
are about housing. I specialized in housing when I
studied planning in 86-87, quit mainstream profession
in 96-97 in disgust about housing discourse, and can
now leave with joy-n-peace in 06-07. Cheers!  

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