Shri S S Gaur
Chief (Law), Central Public Information Officer,
Nodal Officer (Public Grievances)
Ph: 24651880 Email:[email protected]
According to the news item below, Govt has approved a
HUDCO proposal for Yamuna river area. I am not able to
locate on HUDCO website information expected under s.4
of RTI Act in order to be able to make a specific
application under s.6 about this. In this regard, I
tried to call your number over the last two days.
Today I called the PABX and could speak with Sh PC
Gupta who was kind enough to tell me you were out to
deliver training lectures and there is no APIO and to
confirm your e-mail id and assure me he would bring to
your notice at the earliest this e-mail. I would be
very grateful if you would reply to let me know:

1) where on HUDCO website is information about this
Yamuna river area proposal / approval published under

2) (if no information is published on the website
under s.4) when at the earliest can I inspect under
s.6 the files relating to the proposal / approval
(needless to say, I will deposit application and
processing fee when I inspect the files and deposit
further fee).

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Gita Dewan Verma



Yamuna river front development to change face of

Press Trust of India

New Delhi, July 16, 2006,000600010001.htm

Delhi might one day compete with the urban
waterfront of London or Paris, provided the
development of the Yamuna river front is carried out
according to an ambitious project drawn up by
state-owned Housing and Urban Development
Corporation (HUDCO).
Only partial development of the Yamuna river front
can potentially provide 7,000 acres of new
recreation space for citizens of the national
capital, besides meeting the annual water
requirement of the city and its surrounding areas,
HUDCO Chairman-cum-Managing Director PS Rana said.

Giving details of the Rs 80,000 crore mega project,
which according to him has already got the
government's nod, Rana said the idea was to create
large water reservoirs upstream in the Yamuna and
the Hindon rivers, one at the confluence of the two
rivers and connect reservoirs with a canal for
overflow of water. This will also prevent flooding
in the low-lying areas.

Channelisation of the Yamuna and the Hindon is part
of the project and the land reclaimed will be used
for urban rejuvenation of Delhi.

Hotels, office complexes, urban entertainment
centres, shopping malls and pedestrian plazas could
come up in a big way, changing the city's face, he

Creation of water reservoirs in the form of lakes
and construction of an express rail and road
transport corridor are also envisaged in the
project, he said.

If work is started on the project immediately, it
could be completed by 2010 before the start of the
Commonwealth Games, Rana said.

A Yamuna Development Corporation on the lines of the
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation could be formed with
Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and the Centre being

Delhi, being the national capital, could act as a
conference and exhibition hub of the country and
emerge as a waterfront destination for people to
live, work, recreate and socialise in a tranquil
ambience, he said.

The total length of the Yamuna in Delhi's municipal
boundary is 50 km - 22 km in urban and 28 km in
rural areas. The total length of the Hindon river,
from Ghaziabad to the place of confluence with the
Yamuna, is 44 km.

Referring to the acute water scarcity in the
national capital, Rana said the project has the
potential to meet Delhi's water needs from the
reservoirs in the upstream of the two rivers.

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