End July came and went without MUD-DOE upgrading
access for all to GAMS data to RTI compliant level, as
committed to CIC at hearing on 13 July on s.4
complaint of 4 very ordinary chaps including self at

On 3 Aug press reported that an Info Commissioner had
made s.6 RTI for info from GAMS data about his own
Type-7 bungle-oh (Type-7 already being saliently
covered in our Complaint since it has smallest total
of 88, making nitpicking in what is up simpler as
compared to Types that have couple of thousands).

I promptly issued prose to report breach of assurance
(citing also Standing Committee reports of 2005 to
point to recurrent breaching pattern) and ask about my
application of 17 July for fixing errors in decision
(15 nos) and enquiring about procedure for seeking
reconsideration by larger bench and also for view of
Commission / Registry on press publicity of s.6
application by Info Com for personal Type-7 interest
in pendency of s.4 matter in wider littler Type
interest. last on:

Obviously, RTI works / works fast for Info Coms:

HT, 05 Aug 06, p.8.

Finally, home for info boss

New Delhi
HE STILL hasn't got the answers. However, OP Kejariwal
will have his house.

An embarrassed urban development ministry, which had
been accused of sitting on Kejariwal's house allotment
letter, has finally released the orders.

The file – that had been stuck for nearly two months –
moved on Wednesday, within hours of the CIC member
filing an application under the Right to Information.

Sources said that a formal letter was sent to
Kejariwal on Thursday informing him that the allotment
letter was ready and he could have it collected.

This intimation was dated 2 August, the day he had
filed an RTI application.

The information commissioner had been living out of a
suitcase for the last eight months and is believed to
have informed top government functionaries including
the urban development minister in this regard.

But no one really could cut the red tape till the RTI
application came.


Of course, any housing planner is happy when anyone is
housed as per entitlements. And mybe i should be
happier because my DMRC Complaint of Jan 06 might
finally reach now that IC(OK) is finally settling
down. But anyone can see that the grievance of my
co-Complainants as well as the GAMS data issues raised
in our Complaint are also urgent (ie any one other
than the NGOs and bureaucrats and
bureaucrats-turned-NGOs managing among themselves our

btw, I learned from Chief (at another disappointing
hearing yesterday and while he indulgently reminded me
that one of my s.4 suggestions had been noted) that
Centre for Civil Society has been asked to monitor s.4
compliance on behalf CIC! Again, I had to leave his
room to breathe, CCS being the one with chaps who call
themselves Board of Scholars and write in columns in
leading daily uncivil things like all planners should
be sacked and jailed.