recall the madhu kishwar lok-sunway in 01?

madhu purnima kishwar jan-sunwayi tomorrow 26 july,
kaamani audi 2pm-5pm

(tomorrow forenoon is supreme court hearing of the
policy matters in which manushi-sewa seem nicely in
control by grace of MOUD)

* The Jansunwayi panel would be chaired by Shri Jaipal
Reddy, Hon'ble Minister, Urban Development Other
panelists are: Mr. Ajay Maken, (Hon'ble Minister of
State, Urban Development), Kumari Selja (Hon'b;e
Minister of State, Poverty Alleviation), Mr. Farhad
Suri, (Hon'ble Mayor of Delhi), Shri. Arjun Sengupta,
(Chairman, Commission for Micro Enterprises), Mr.
Ramesh Chauhan , (Bisleri International), Mr. Dilip
Cherian, (Business consultant and columnist) Ms Swati
Ramanathan, (Janaagraha, Bangalore), Smt. Renuka
Vishwanathan, (Secretary, Ministry of Rural
Development), Prof. K.C. Sivaramakrishnan (Centre for
Policy Research) Ms. Tavleen Singh, (writer and
columnist), Mr. P.K. Malhotra, (Member Secretary,
National Commission for Micro Enterprises), Shri
Praveen Khandelwal (President, Delhi Traders
Association), Mr.Rajeev Sethi, (Chairman, Asian
Heritage Foundation) and Dr.Syeda Hameed, (Member,
Planning Commission)*


*Therefore, policy and law reforms for street vendors
needs to be undertaken with speed and determination.
It needs to be made an integral part of the Jawaharlal
Nehru Urban Renewal Mission*

soap re-cap:


Manushi/Issue 125 (July-August 2001)

...we began the process of organised lobbying early
this year. On April 27-28, the first in a series of
conferences around the theme Laws, Liberty and
Livelihood was organised jointly by CSDS and manushi.
The second day was devoted to a Dialogue of rickshaw
pullers and vendors with select policy makers and
representatives of the media...
On June 16,imanushi submitted a brief report of our
findings to the Central Vigilance Commissioner, Sh. N.
Vittal. He promptly sent off letters to Delhi’s Chief
Minister, Municipal Commissioner and the Police
Commissioner recommending that the license-quota
regime operating in these two sectors be dismantled
since it only bred corruption, as exposed by manushi
study. This missive from the CVC received a fair
amount of press publicity.
On June 25, manushi organised of Lok Sunwayi of street
vendors presided over Sh. by N. Vittal. Other
panelists included Sh. Kuldeep Nayar, (M.P Rajya
Sabha), Sh. S.P Shukla, (Deputy Secretary General,
FICCI), Ms Rani Jethmalani, (Advocate, Supreme Court),
Dr. Vijay Sheel Kumar, (Neurosurgeon, Apollo
Hospital), Dr. Dinesh Mohan, (Road Safety Expert, IIT
Delhi) and Ms. Tavleen Singh, (columnist).
... Just when we had begun to despair, came this
pleasant surprise in the form of a nine page long
document received at manushi from the Prime Minister’s
Office on the morning of August 28th, 2001. It
endorses the findings of the manushi study, "How the
License Quota Raid Raj Impacts the Urban Poor" as well
as facts that emerged through Lok Sunwayi of people
involved in street hawking and rickshaw pulling. The
document sent by the PMOs contains a letter to Delhi’s
Lt Governor advising him that the Government of Delhi
must address the task of policy reform with regard to
street hawkers and cycle rickshaw operators in Delhi
with urgency.

Manushi/Issue 128 (January-February 2002)

Our first breakthrough came with the Additional
Commissioner of MCD Mr. Ramesh Negi, agreeing to visit
Sewa Nagar on December 19, 2001 to get an idea of our
plans and the process we had set into motion. Since
all our meetings at Sewa Nagar start with Jhadu Puja ,
Mr. Negi also joined us in the worship of the sacred

Manushi/ Issue 130 (May-June 2002)

The most positive development, however, was the coming
of the new Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Rakesh Mehta.
He is respected as an upright and honest official,
with a desire to make things better. In our very first
meeting we were able to establish a good rapport. He
showed great excitement at our proposal and agreed to
give us the go ahead at once...
Mr. Mehta’s colleagues tried their best to persuade
him that by giving us the permission to improve and
beautify the Sewa Nagar and other hawker markets, he
would be going against Court orders and might invite a
jail term on himself for "contempt of court"! However,
we persevered with Mr. Mehta because we were confident
that a person of his integrity would see reason. Our
negotiations are still on and it seems likely that he
will give us a "go ahead", at least for Sewa Nagar,
and hopefully for more markets, if the Sewa Nagar
experiment succeeds.

Manushi/ Issue 135 (March-April 2003):

Fortunately for us, Mr Rakesh Mehta took charge of the
Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) from Mr Aggarwal
in 2002. Before him, the only officer who till then
had given us a good response was Mr Negi...
His first challenge was to get the proposal passed by
the Standing Council of the Municipal Corporation
where he faced tremendous opposition from corporators
of all political hues. Even when they reluctantly
approved the model market proposal, both BJP and
Congress corporators made common cause with one
another in opposing the involvement of manushi ... Mr
Mehta did not at that stage make an issue of who was
to implement the scheme and simply got the project
cleared through the Municipal Council...
Mr Mehta was told by his own officials that he would
be committing "contempt of court" (an offence
punishable with imprisonment of up to six months) if
he allowed the two pilot projects to come through...
Therefore, his next challenge was to get the Supreme
Court to put its stamp of approval on the model market
project. He chose the best possible lawyers for the
case and allowed manushi to work closely with them. Mr
Mukul Rohatagi was assisted by Sanjeev Sen in the
case... order to blunt the hostility of the local
Congress Corporator of Sewa Nagar, we decided to get
in touch with the Delhi Pradesh Congress President,
Subhash Sharma, whom I had known since my student
union days... his response was : "This is the first
time my sister has asked me for anything. Take it that
this will be done." ... Within three days, he arranged
for me to meet the Chairman of the Standing Committee,
Mr. Ram Babu Sharma, who had all this time serious
misgivings about our pilot project. But once he was
told that Subhash Sharma had adopted it, Ram Babu also
assumed a brotherly role. We got a good glimpse into
the working of our system when, during our first
meeting, Ram Babu openly declared : Behenji, we are
very clear on this. When we don’t want to do something
we know how to obstruct it, even if orders come from
the Supreme Court or the Party High Command. At such
times, there is no point citing rules and court orders
to us. But when we want to do something, we put aside
all rule books and just go ahead and do it, Now that
we have accepted you as our sister and you have come
to seek our help, we will make sure it works. But if
you had by-passed us, we would have found any number
of ways of thwarting your work


Coalition at the Centre changed from BJP-led NDA to
Congress-led UPA.  madhu kishwar became madhu purnima
kishwar. UPA announced a National Common Minimum
Program and kishwar & ors pitched the same policy
reform as NCMP demand; Montek Singh Ahluwalia released
Deepening-Democracy by kishwar and kishwar was
appointed adviser to national commission for the
informal sector constituted in name of NCMP at
personal initiative of Manmohan Singh. PMO announce
JNNURM and kishwar & ors pitched the same policy
reform as JNURM demand and round 2 in Supreme Court
began moving. Maken, who kishwar says supported her
against the rwa of govt employees that sued her Sewa
Nagar project, was made MOS and has been promising the
manushi-sewa policy reform and might well have
directed mcd to cooperate with the ladies.


the soap-opera continues.

(for reality check, there is the ugly mess in Sewa
Nagar model/pilot)